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World Class Ashtanga Teachers Coming to Camyoga

Camyoga has an exciting year looking forward as we are hosting some of the world’s best

David Swenson

ashtanga teachers.  Nancy Gilgoff, John Scott, and David Swenson will all be joining us in 2012.  These teachers are not to be missed. All three have long histories of study with the late Patthabi Jois. Gilgoff and Swenson are both largely responsible for spreading ashtanga to the west during the 1970′s.

Nancy Gilgoffwill be here June 23 and 24 for Intensive

John Scott

ashtanga workshops.  She travels all the way from Maui.   John Scott  joins us September 7 – 9 to bring us inward to a transformative practice.  David Swensonreturns to Camyoga November 28 for a fun-filled exploration of yoga.

Nancy Gilgoff

Don’t miss the chance to study and learn from these fabulous teachers and practitioners. You can find both led and mysore style ashtanga classes on the Camyoga schedule to guide you through the primary series.  We are aslo pleased to welcome Gunveer Muhandru as our newest ashtanga teacher.

“Practice and all is coming” ~Sri. K. Patthabi Jois

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Get to Know Camyoga Student: Sam Smith

Name: Sam Smith
Age: 31
Occupation: Academia/the Internet

What brought you to yoga?
In 2008 I moved house, Yoga Manchester[1] had a class down the street that I could make, and I went along to see what happened. It turned out rather well. Then I moved to Cambridge, and found camYoga.

What do you do when you are not doing yoga?
Right now, job hunting, and various civic[4] engagement projects[3] around the internet[5].

What is your favourite yoga pose and why?
Svarga Dvijasana – Bird of Paradise: I like the challenge from the balance. Less so the falling over,

Lotus, maybe, if I could get there, without amputation above the ankle… some day.

What is your least favourite yoga pose and why?
Whichever one that I’m finding spectacularly difficult this week, which varies from class to class.
Pilar’s current focus on arm balances[2] is 2 part least favourite to 3 parts challenge and more parts fun.

It’s always fun; until you approach the mat chin first…

What is one quality you have taken off the mat and incorporated into your daily life?
Mindfulness: the ability to be calm and keep focus, especially when those around me are trying the other way.

An interesting fact about Sam that you may not know is…
I don’t work for camyoga; I’m just there a lot…

I left my job and moved to Cambridge to do a couple of months of yoga. It turned into 100 classes in around 100 days (and counting). CamYoga is a really nice place to spend time; but there’s probably only one direction my time on the mat is going to go from here.



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Yoga Stops Traffic Videos

Yoga Stops Traffic Videos

Did you miss the global event, Yoga Stops Traffic?  Take a peak at the Camyoga students doing their part in 108 sun salutations.  We raised money for the charity, Odanadi Seva Trust in an effort to stop human trafficking in India.  Thank you to all who donated money, time, and sweat.


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Yoga Stops Traffick Tomorrow!

Help us put an end to human trafficking in India with the global event, Yoga Stops Traffick.  All monies donated go to the Obanadi Seva Trust. Camyoga is one of many studios around world that will be partaking in this event.  Unroll your mat and join in 108 sun salutations to raise money and awareness. The event kicks off at 2pm and you can join in or just come and watch or donate.  All are welcome.

Check out some pictures of the preparations in Mysore.  The salutations will be led by Obanadi residents at the Mysore Palace:

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Art Exhibition with Camyoga Student, Susi Watson

Camyoga is excited to be hosting an art exhibition by Susi Watson launching Saturday April 17 from 19:00 – 21:00 and lasting till April 24. In this art series, Remembering What We Know, Susi explores questions and insights that she has encountered over the past year, during her transition from America to the UK and her practice at CamYoga.

‘Remembering what you know’ is all about transformation, embracing change and following your dreams.

Many of us in Cambridge can relate to the transition of moving to a new place and taking up life in new surroundings. Camyoga itself has become a hub for transformation  and exploration into deeper self-knowledge.

The series is an opportunity for us to reflect on questions and images, in the hope that it may:
- ignite an intention during practice – encourage nourishing conversation
- inspire us to visualize our own questions, answers or ideas
- further our own practice, whatever our passion may be.

Find out more about Susi at her website

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Headstand How To with Pilar and Ellie

Stemming from a discussion the other day about what part of the head you use for a headstand, Pilar and Ellie decided to make a few videos.  Below you will find Sirsasana A with Pilar and Sirsasana B with Ellie.  These videos are of course in addition to learning in class with your teacher present.

Headstand is wonderful inversion that can stimulate the brain, energise the body and mind, and help you feeling strong.  It requires strength, flexibility, and practice.  So don’t get discouraged if you don’t come right up the first time you try.  When the body and mind are ready, the pose comes.

Typically we learn Sirsana A, before moving on to a tripod headstand.  Here it is:

Here in Sirsasana B, Ellie answers the question of what part of the head rests on the floor, and how to find it. In pressure point terms it is Du 20, the top of the head just up from the ears. Check out tripod below!

Ellie Coats is our Yoga for Athletes expert starting your day right on Tuesday mornings at 7:30.  Pilar teaches headstands and more inversions in her 2/3 classes.  Come along and have fun!

If you have just tuned in to the blog, check the many other videos we have made here at Camyoga under the video blog section of the site, and Subscribe on youtube.

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Get To Know Camyoga Student: Rebecca Meyers

Name:  Rebecca Myers

Age: 45

Occupation: Academic (Science)

What brought you to yoga?

It’s not so much what brought me to yoga, it’s who – six months ago a dear friend (and impressive yogini) brought me along one day. I had never envisaged myself and yoga in the same room before – not being one for enjoying exercise classes of any sort. My yoga expectation was all about a cold dusty hall, twisting my stiff old-self into knots and spending the rest of the week aching … I was so wrong! In a very unfocused, procrastinating sort of way I was indeed looking for ways to improve my general fitness, flexibility and all-round joie-de-vivre, but they’d been on my rediscovery list for some years. So … yoga eh? What the heck, I’d nothing to lose! What I wasn’t prepared for was the impact it would have on me from day one. I had never done any yoga before coming to Camyoga and my first class was Hot Yoga – I was a convert. I try to make as many as five classes a week now and in the last few weeks I’ve also begun to dip/pull my toe into Ashtanga. As they say – it’s all about the journey.

What do you do when you are not doing yoga?

I work (in a research environment for the University), I eat and I sleep. I do squeeze in some travel and quite a few fun things too – but my average week comprises just that.

What is your favorite yoga pose and why?

This is a hard question. There a quite a few poses I enjoy a lot as each one has different gifts. I like Trikonasana (triangle pose and its variants) as it is a good all-round full-body stretch and balance and I just like the way it feels. With poses I find more challenging (and there are loads!) such as Standing Head to Knee (Dandayamana-janushirasana) I get a real sense of achievement, especially on days when I can do it – or do it just a little better than the last class.

What is your least favorite yoga pose and why?

There are more than several poses that would fall under this category at this stage of my practice – for pure physical effort it most definitely has to be Chaturanga (the sort of half-press up). The other pose (for comedy value and personal highlight of my Hot Yoga class) is Rabbit – which opens up a whole new angle on self-administered water-boarding.

What is one quality you have taken off the mat and incorporated into your daily life?

I have reassessed a lot of how I approach life – it’s not been deep navel-gazing as such – I’ve simply created space for the (rediscovered) joie-de-vivre that seems to have emerged from my regular practice. I have neither felt fitter nor more flexible since I was in my teens, I’ve lost weight in the order of double-digits, and my diet has naturally evolved into one that is far healthier and sustains me better. I wouldn’t have had this opportunity had Camyoga and its great atmosphere and teachers not been on my doorstep. It’s a home from home.

An interesting fact about Rebecca that you may not know is…

There are rather a lot of interesting facts about me, most are classified and none of which are publishable! I am, however, a big cat lover – I have four of them. My special joy is a huge Maine Coon called ‘Cody’ who I swear is a dog-in-a-cat-suit.

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Insabina Retreat: Book Now for £100 Off

It is not too soon to be thinking about longer days, the relief of warmer weather, and summer holidays. In Sabina yoga retreats are just around the corner. For a limited time we are offering  £100 Off either week. You can join Louise Lloyd and Mark Stevens in week one, or Howard Daly and Pilar Carrillo in week 2. Dates are: July 28, 2012 – August 11,  2012

This retreat is an all inclusive life changing week at one of the most gorgeous retreat centres in the world. A mix of Yoga, breath work, therapies and meditation.

Everything at In Sabina is perfectly arranged with taste and style and with yoga
in mind. There are seven acres of lush grounds comprising a natural spring,
gardens, pond and swimming pool amidst a tranquil and rustic setting. The
surrounding area is unspoilt farmland, and the house and grounds are peaceful
and quiet. There are two yoga spaces for yoga and meditation, an indoor yoga
studio, and a magnificent 15 x 10 metre architect designed covered outdoor
wooden platform, which sits in the valley surrounding by verdant unspoilt nature.
The food is a highlight of the holiday, three meals a day of beautiful vegetarian
food in abundance prepared by a specialist vegetarian chef. All adding up to the
perfect environment for a yoga holiday.

Why not take a look at a video clip of Louise Lloyd teaching in In Sabina last year?

Families are welcome and for more info and booking click here


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New Juices and Smoothies: Amazing Maca and More

Camyoga’s Dandelion Cafe has unveiled there 2012 menu with a whole new array of juices and smoothies.

You will recognize some familiar favorite’s such as heart-beet juice (beetroot, apple and ginger) and Pilar’s detox juice (apple,cucumber, mint, and ginger). But you might not be expecting the Green Gremlin (mixed berries, banana, and organic spirulina) or the Breakfast Booster (banana, strawberry, organic maca, and hemp protein), two new smoothies.  I had the breakfast booster twice last week and felt great in the mornings.  Maybe it’s the maca? Maca is a Peruvian root vegetable that packs a punch of energy and nutrients.

You can now pep up any of your juices and smoothies with a boost: Echinacea or Ginseng for 50p & wheat grass, spirulina, hemp protein, maca, omega oils, or superfood for £1

There are many new juices and smoothies to choose from, check out the full menu in Camyoga’s dandelion cafe. All smoothies are made with low fat cocunt milk and agave syrup. Here are just a few:


Allergy fighter: apple, pear, & melon

Immune booster: grapefruit, orange, ginger, & liquid echinacea

Kidney cleanser: apple, & melon

Energiser: carrot, apple, ginger


Tropical: banana, mango, & a dash of lime

Summer Banana: strawberry & banana

You can always get creative and make your own!

And in case you didn’t know the entire month of January our wheat grass shots are only £1.50 and fresh juices £3


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Donation Day Raised Over £1000!

Our first donation day of 2012 was a huge success.  We raised more money than we ever have before to give to our charities. Thank you to everyone who came out and gave generously.  We hope you enjoyed the full day of fantastic classes all by Camyoga teachers donating their time.  The day finished with a fantastic satsang with Mark Stevens.

All the money you gave is going directly to Camfed, Arthur Rank Hospice, and Freedom from Fistula.

Did you try the cupcakes?



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