CAMYOGA Teachers

Amber teaches Forrest Yoga

Amber Rusk

After years of Hatha yoga the desire to deepen her practice and teach became a reality. Amber undertook her first teacher training in Hatha Yoga. In 2014 Amber continued to broaden her teaching skills by taking part in an intensive and challenging month long Forrest Yoga Foundation Teacher training with Ana Forrest, the creatrix of Forrest Yoga. Now a Level 1 Certified Forrest Yoga Teacher Amber's journey continues. Amber's classes are adventurous, safe and nurturing. They offer you an opportunity to join an authentic yoga practice. It is her intention that you will over time experience a new found strength and connect to depth of feeling. This walk into beauty will enable you to adventure into a deeper peace within yourself.

Amy teaches Barre

Amy Holly

Amy is the dance development officer for the Eastern region years. and is one of the region's most respected and best loved dance teachers having trained many young dancers to go onto successful careers. She heads up our Barre team. I came to dance through movement. Exploring life through movement has always been my main interest. I didn't set out to be a teacher it just became the next step from being a professional dancer & choreographer My greatest passion is my son. You will like my classes if you like to work hard! Something we may not know about you? I recently choreographed the Stella McCartney Adidas campaign.

Andrea teaches Jivamukti, Yin + Meditation

Andrea Kwiatkowski

Andrea trained as a professional dancer and travelled all over the world in her career. It was during this time in her early twenties she took her first yoga class and it sparked an interest in eastern philosophy and in particular Buddhism. Andrea completed a 3 year teacher training in 2001 and in 2008 became a Diploma course tutor for Cambridgeshire with the BWY the largest yoga organisation in the UK. In 2004 she was given the Jivamukti yoga book by a friend and then began to study the method completing their teaching training in New York in 2005. She is now an Advanced certified teacher in the Jivamukti method and continues with the lineage being ever grateful for her teachers Sharon Gannon and David Life and how they continue to inspire her. Andrea is also a certified Yin yoga teacher, her teacher is Sarah Powers and she continues to study with her on retreats and Judith Hanson Lasater, her Restorative teacher.

Andy teaches Jivamukti

Andy Nathan

Andy is a 300 hour Certified Jivamukti Yoga teacher. His classes have a strong, playful dynamic with attention paid to meaningful connection with students, disciplined practice, philosophy, positive intention and inspirational chanting with hands on assists and carefully curated musical soundtracks. Andy started his journey over 5 years ago. Having suffered a serious muscular injury through long distance running, his physiotherapist recommended yoga and the rest is history. Not having a typical background of dance/gymnastics/martial arts, (Andy ran, played football and worked in an office) Andy strongly believes that he is living proof that yoga is suitable for everybody and bases his teaching philosophy on this. Andy has studied and practiced with senior Jivamukti teachers across Europe and completed his teacher training in India under the watchful eyes of Jivamukti founders Sharon Gannon and David Life, his mentor Emma Henry and his teachers Jules Febre and Ruth Lauer Manenti.

Arabella teaches Iyengar

Arabella Wright

Arabella has been a practitioner of Iyengar Yoga since 1999. Her background is originally in the field of Art and Design, specialising in Children's Book Illustration. The practise of Yoga captivated Arabella's creative imagination and equally the detailed and safe instruction of the Iyengar method fed her desire to learn and progress mindfully. Arabella went on to become a fully qualified Iyengar Yoga teacher (Introductory Level 2 Certification) in 2007 and as well as enjoying the wonderful new world of motherhood, she now devotes her time and energy to practise and teaching of Iyengar Yoga. Arabella is drawn to the Iyengar tradition for its precision, clarity, depth and integrity and she aims to transfer both her enthusiasm and years of knowledge in every class, where students are able to progress with their practise in a motivating and nurturing environment.

Ashley teaches Restorative, Pregnancy + Yoga Open

Ashley MacDonald

I stumbled into my first yoga class 20+ years ago. The class was two hours long: we meditated, breathed, practised Asana (postures) and had a 20 minute Savasana (rest pose). It was glorious . . . And through this class I became aware of my strength, my alignment, and the connection between my mind and body. 3 years later this sort of yoga was gone (or very difficult to find). I bounced from Ashtanga classes to Vinyasa Flow classes, Hatha to Iyengar; I even did a stint in the heat (it was 'interesting'). Today yoga for me is a process of evolution - day to day enquiry about my inner-body connecting to my outer-world. For me yoga is about connecting . . . I create a self-practice that honours where I am in each moment, connecting to an authentic style of movement. Most days that means sitting still and breathing.

Emma teaches Barre

Emma Cuadrado

I started my dance career many years ago. After graduating from Northern School of Contermporary Dance I took time out of the dance industry and later had my daughter. While I was on maternity leave all I could think about was getting back in shape and to join a class that pushed me as much as dance did but lacked the confidence to join a class. Thats when I found BarreConcept and I was hooked! My body has bounced back to when I was a dancer and its excites me. I am now a qualified BarreConcept teacher and enjoy every moment.

Emma teaches Ashtanga, Beginners + Yoga Open

Emma Lindsay

Emma began attending yoga classes in 1980s and was introduced to the Ashtanga Vinyasa system by Louise Palmer in 2004, from which time she developed a regular personal practice and a desire to deepen her knowledge of the practice. Emma has been fortunate to develop her personal and teaching practice with internationally renowned teachers Manju Jois, Nancy Gilgoff and John Scott. She gained a distinction in her Yoga teaching diploma with CAMYOGA in 2010 and has, since 2008, annually attended Ashtanga teaching training workshops with Manju Jois. Emma teaches Ashtanga, Hatha and Vinyasa Flow styles of Yoga with a strong emphasis on correct physical alignment, use of breath, and a sense of awareness of the authentic tradition in her Ashtanga classes. Emma’s teaching style is warm and nurturing, allowing students to safely explore their physical limits to create a deeper sense of self-awareness.

Gemma teaches Yoga Open + Yoga Flow

Gemma Skells

I was a keen fitness enthusiast with weight lifting being a large part of my regimen. I tried my first yoga class in 2008 after reading an article in a fitness magazine called stretch for strength. I wanted to improve my Olympic lifts, flexibility and reduce muscle hardening so I began attending one hatha class per week at my local leisure centre. Little did I know that four years later I would have almost completely swapped the gym for the yoga mat. I started to notice the "feel good" feeling. Not just the physical benefits of a regular yoga practice but also the more subtle (and not at first obvious) improvements to my health, well being and sense of self worth. These are just a few of the many beneficial aspects which have fed my interest and love for yoga ever since. So much so that I began my journey of becoming a teacher in November 2013 with the BWY. My goal is not only to deepen my own understanding, but more importantly to help others facilitate their own "feel good" feeling.

Hakan teaches Yoga Open, Ashtanga + Hot Yoga

Hakan Dokuzoglu

Hakan's teaching is gentle and kind, encouraging and nurturing. With a smile and love for teaching, He seeks to instil a sense of lightness and ease in students, whilst helping them to connect with their bodies and minds. He creates sequences that suit the energy and level of each class, whilst challenging and inspiring students to honour their abilities and presence on and off the mat. He believes that in both life and teaching one should be grounded but light, dedicated, mindful, aware and understanding of personal limitations that are inherent in each individual. Hakan's experienced his first yoga class in 1996 and knew from then on that he wanted to share the benefits of the practice through teaching. He has never looked back since. After years of an established practice, Hakan completed a Yoga Alliance RYT 200 Teacher Training at CAMYOGA and has worked and trained with world class teachers from all over the world.

Hermione teaches Yoga Flow

Hermione Fairbairn

Hermione found Yoga 10 years ago whilst living and working in London. She found it to be both the perfect complement to her training for triathlon events as well as an oasis of calm at the end of a challenging day's work as a primary school teacher. During a career break travelling in 2010, she was drawn to the Samadhi Yoga Centre in Australia (now Jivamukti Sydney) and completed her Yoga teacher training there. She has come to really value the role of mindfulness meditation, both during practice and everyday life, and you will notice a strong emphasis on this in her classes. She more recently completed the MBSR course at the Buddhist Centre in Cambridge. Balance and 'coming into balance' is a key theme for Hermione (both on and off the mat). Finding a connection with our bodies, our environment and other beings through breath and movement is a grounding and balancing experience that she hopes students will share through her teaching. She likes to incorporate an eclectic soundtrack into her classes to enhance the Nada Yoga experience.

Iir teaches Yoga Flow + Forrest-Inspired yoga

Iir Prihatinawati

My journey of yoga began early in my life as complement to help me through my asthmatic symptoms. I had been practicing yoga more than half of my life but I had never planned to become a yoga teacher. I mostly practiced at home in Indonesia and during my home practices friends started coming over and joining! Before I knew it, this grew into my early teaching classes. Before I moved to Cambridge, I decided to get my yoga teaching qualification and graduated from Frog Lotus Yoga (FLY) International for Vinyasa early 2015. I settled with Vinyasa, only after I explored many different kinds of yoga. My personal practice is strongly influenced by Vinyasa, Ashtanga and Forrest, although sometimes I like to switch to Iyengar, Yin, Hot Yoga and Jivamukti. More recently, I completed the Forrest Yoga Advanced Teacher Training with Ana Forrest in August 2016, which I found deeply empowering.

Jac teaches Jivamukti + Yoga Flow

Jacqueline Godfrey

Jac fell deeply under the spell of yoga after receiving a Mother's day gift of an Ashtanga workshop from her baby daughter in 2000, quickly realising its profound healing and transformational benefits. Jac's teaching background is initially in classic Hatha yoga which she studied in India in 2006 under Swami Govindanda (Sivananda Yoga). Jac spent from 2009- 2011 studying and working alongside the UK's foremost Vinyasa flow teacher, Claire Missingham both as her student and then as a mentor and examiner to new vinyasa flow trainees. Jac has recently studied CAMYOGA's advanced teaching diploma course, which introduced her to her mentor, Jivamukti teacher, Mark Stevens, amongst many other inspiring teachers. You will enjoy Jac's classes if you love experiencing a full yoga practice, including challenging asana, vinyasa flow sequences & pranayama interwoven with yoga philosophy, meditation and mantra.

Janine teaches Yoga Flow + Yin Yoga

Janine Tandy

Janine Tandy has spent the past 12 years developing her personal yoga practice through daily asana, pranayama and study. She feels deeply blessed to have met Jude English and Isaac Pena 9 years ago, and has studied with them through their Sankalpah Teacher Training, many focused workshops, and practice. She has expanded her yoga study and teaching to include the Yin Yoga teaching certification with Sarah Powers, her Therapeutic Yoga teacher certification with Cheri Clampette and Arturo Peal, as well as becoming a licensed health counselor with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She continues to study with Sarah Powers, Arturo Peal and Cherie Clampett. She is so thankful for all of her teachers’ generosity of spirit and insight. Her study also includes two bachelor degrees from The University of Rochester in Political Science and Public Health. Following that she completed her Master of Public Health from New York University.

Jozef teaches Hot Yoga + Yin Yoga

Jozef Wiewel

Jozef teaches Yin yoga, Hot Yoga and teaches the anatomy of yoga and Hot Yoga as part of our teacher training faculty. Jozef has always been a teacher, sharing the knowledge he has gained from his interest in martial arts, massage and fitness training and using it to help to understand the complexities of the human form. Jozef started teaching yoga in 1984 while working with professional football players. In 1990 he started his own clinic in Amsterdam, where he practiced deep muscle tissue massage. The clinic developed quickly with a strong clientele of both professional footballers and professional dance companies. He became more and more involved in personal training and in offering yoga therapy on a one to one basis, a practice that has grown into a new profession. His belief and experience is that the key to a successful yoga is the understanding of the uniqueness of each person's body and by studying the anatomy within the yoga poses you can achieve a better alignment and safer practice for the individual practitioner of yoga.

Julie teaches Yoga Open, Yoga Flow + Yin Yoga

Julie Davies

From a very young age I have found solace and enjoyment in physical activity. For most of my younger life this need was met by high impact aerobic type exercise and many gym memberships. I came to yoga in my late thirties when I found an amazing teacher and over time have developed an abiding love of the practice. My personal style is eclectic. Some days I need a highly energetic and dynamic yoga and will look to a strong flow practice. On other days I find joy in a gentler approach. My desire to teach arose spontaneously from the pleasure I found in my personal practice and my wish to share this with others. My teaching style therefore aims, as far as possible, to be specific to the students on any given day.

Karen teaches Iyengar

Karen Stamper

Karen became a yoga teacher through a desire to learn about Iyengar yoga - after travelling with 'Light on Yoga' whilst working on sailing yachts. You will like her classes if you like to work deeper into the asanas, to be still and focused. I have been teaching yoga for over 12 years and have studied with the Iyengar family in India and with other senior teachers in England. I hold the Iyengar Certification Mark for properly trained and certified Iyengar teachers. My classes are enjoyed by both beginners and those with more experience. Yoga students soon start to feel the benefits of a different sequence of poses each week, the emphasis is on stretching and correct alignment .The poses are adapted with yoga props such as blocks and chairs for different body types and stiffness. The poses are standing, sitting, laying, inversions and twists. 

Kari teaches Yoga Open, Beginners, and the Art of Slow

Kari Knight

Before coming to the practice Kari worked with Alexander teachers for two years whilst recovering from a debilitating RSI condition. The style of yoga Kari teaches is influenced by the ideas of Alexander from direct experience. Training with Viniyoga teacher Margaret Woodley brought an understanding of the healing properties yoga has to offer through the heritage of Krishnamacharya. Later influences have come from the teachings of Scaravelli. Together these influences have allowed a form of naturalness to emerge, where natural perception of movement and spatial orientation arise from stimuli within the body itself. This is the type of yoga that Kari teaches to create the conditions from which movement, through correct alignment and awareness is light. Kari’s other influences have come from Donna Farhi, Tara Fraser, Gary Carter and Alistair Shearer.

Laura teaches Yoga Flow + Yoga Open

Laura Hughes

Laura has been practicing yoga since 1998 gaining inspiration along the way from renowned teachers including Hamish Hendry, Donna Farhi and Tias Little. Committed to her Ashtanga practice she feels privileged to have studied at the Ashtanga Yoga Institute in Mysore where she practiced under the guidance of Shri K Pattabhi Jois. Laura qualified with The British Wheel of Yoga in 2006 and has since enjoyed teaching Hatha yoga in London and Cambridge. Previously Laura held a ten-year Marketing career in London and New York until Yoga took over.

Liz teaches Broga

Liz Smith

Liz has over 22 years experience in the fitness industry, her passion for exercise and fitness led to a diploma in personal in training as well as many other health and fitness qualifications. She began teaching yoga in 2001 and holds a cYs Yoga Practitioner and Therapist Diploma.. She is a Vinyasa Krama Yoga teacher and a cYs Introductory Yoga Study course teacher trainer. She has been involved in teacher training since 2002. She was a YMCA course tutor for 10 years and taught on their gym, exercise to music instructor and personal trainer courses. She is a freelance tutor, assessor and internal quality assurance verifier. She is also the glue that holds the Camyoga Teacher training programme together! Liz is now proud to be a Broga instructor! She loves the way Broga appeals to men and women who enjoy a challenge.

Margaret teaches Yoga Open

Margaret Schofield

Margaret Schofield has been teaching Yoga for over 40 years, beginning in Manchester where she was trained as an Iyengar Teacher by B.K.S Iyengar himself, who was still at that stage regularly visiting the UK to oversee the Teacher Training programme. She was later much influenced by the teaching of Angela Farmer and Victor Van Kooten who brought new insights to the Iyengar style. Over the years she has taught in Cambridge both in community classes and privately, on group yoga intensives in Greece, Oslo and Goa, and in Lanzarote on training camps for the British Triathlon Team. The basis for her teaching has always been a yoga practice which allows everyone to find a suitable practice regardless of age or ability. By recognising what the body needs and by stretching, strengthening and releasing tension in the various asanas or postures well-being and stability are promoted.

Mark teaches Ashtanga

Mark Needham

Mark first joined an Ashtanga beginner class looking for some relief from back, neck and joint pain. Instantly hooked, Mark soon established a regular daily practice and began studying to deepen his knowledge. He completed teacher training with John Scott and has been teaching at CAMYOGA ever since. His classes will be dynamic and challenging – but in a way that makes yoga accessible to anyone – and will incorporate elements of pranayama, meditation, philosophy and anatomy. Mark is particularly interested in how the obstacles and challenges we face in life represent themselves within our yoga practices and his classes will explore how the strength, balance and self-knowledge we can gain during our time on the mat might help sustain and support us in life off the mat.

Pippa teaches Hot Yoga + Yoga Flow

Pippa Moss

I discovered the immense benefits of yoga a few years ago and soon found that I was wanting to be at the studio almost every day. Yoga has enabled me to achieve much needed personal balance, greater happiness and I have met some wonderful, inspiring people along the way. I completed my 200hr Yin and Yang study immersion with Simon Low at the Yoga Academy in Koh Samui, and have since become qualified to teach Hot Yoga under the expert guidance of Jozef Wiewel. Forever a student of the practice I am truly grateful for the compassion and wisdom my teachers have shared with me. My classes are focused, with particular attention to correct postural alignment and breath: by allowing your body to arrive at the posture that is right for you, nothing is forced and the resulting practice is safe and comfortable.

Rachael teaches Yoga Flow, Pregnancy Yoga and Flow + Restore

Rachael Moore

Rachael has been practising yoga for over eleven years . Over this period of time, she has experienced many different styles and approaches to yoga, most notably iyengar, ashtanga and vinyasa flow. As well as antenatal yoga throughout her three pregnancies. Rachael's personal practice and teaching draws on all of these experiences as well as from attending inspirational workshops from the likes of Francoise Freedman, Claire Missingham, Abby Hoffman and Hayley Winter. Before the birth of her third child, Rachael worked as a speech and language therapist with children and young adults with profound learning difficulties.

Rachel teaches Ashtanga

Rachel McCarthy

Rachel has been practising yoga since 2003, initially discovering the benefits of Bikram yoga while recovering from a sports-related knee injury. She has since enjoyed exploring a variety of yoga styles, including Jivamukti, Vinyasa Flow, and Acroyoga, while developing a regular Ashtanga practice. She holds Yoga Alliance certification, having completed a 200-hour Ashtanga yoga teacher training with John Scott, in addition to teacher training intensives with David Swenson and Manju Jois. These followed a general yoga teacher training (200-hour) with CAMYOGA. She has experienced enormous benefits, physical and emotional/mental, through practising yoga and loves sharing what she has learnt with others.

Ros teaches Forrest Yoga + Yin

Rosalind Southward

Ros is a creative spark who teaches dynamic, inspirational, playful classes with a sprinkling of quirkiness you won’t forget! Renowned for her sparkly leggings and being upside down at every given opportunity, Ros is a certified Forrest Yoga teacher and has assisted Ana at her workshops and trainings. Ros started practising yoga in 2007 and has been teaching since 2011. She did her first teacher training in 2011 – Yoga and Energetics with Cat Kabira in Bali. She went on to complete the Forrest Yoga Foundation Teacher Training in 2012 and Advanced training in 2013. Ros completed the Forrest Yoga mentorship programme under her mentor teacher Sandra Robinson from Oct 2012-2013. She is currently in training to be a Forrest Yoga Guardian! Her mantra is “which bit of this can I do?” and she seeks to help her students to explore their own capacity to develop their potential both on and off the mat.

Shaili teaches Iyengar

Shaili Shafai

Shaili is a professional teacher of Iyengar Yoga from Tehran, Iran. She started practicing yoga at the age of ten and it has been a constant source of strength and inspiration for more than two decades. Through yoga, she has had opportunities to travel widely, including several times to the RIMYI Centre in Pune, India, where she experienced first-hand the light of Guru ji, B.K.S. Iyengar, and his proteges, Geeta, Sri Prashant and Abhijata Iyengar. Her first teacher, Mahyar Raz, transformed her understanding of yoga forever with her profound knowledge of anatomy and yogic philosophy. She has attended more than five hundred hours of intensive workshops led by Mr. Faeq Biria, a world-renowned yogi based in Paris, from whom she earned her first teaching certificate in 2007. Since moving to Cambridge at the beginning of 2014, she has been a student of Sasha Perryman, the Chair of the UK Iyengar Association, who helped prepare her for her Junior Level III assessment and whose humility and dedication to a life of yoga is an inspiration to all.

Tiffany teaches Scaravelli inspired Yoga + Restorative Yoga

Tiffany Thorne

Born to Iyengar yoga teacher Margaret Schofield, Tiffany began her yoga journey at twelve in her mother’s classes, and found her own way to a path blessed with chance encounters with many teachers. The translator Juan Mascaro encouraged her to study Sanskrit at Cambridge, a training of twelve years that sent her to India and gave her the tools to unlock the yoga texts for herself. It was a process of undoing much learned effort, that still absorbs her practice. Tiffany gained a distinction on the Camyoga Restorative Yoga teacher training with Beverley Nolan in 2013, and also holds the BWY Teaching Diploma as well as the Cambridge MPhil and BA degrees in Sanskrit.