*valid for new clients to CAMYOGA who are local to the Cambridge area


I'm new to yoga/never done yoga before, what would you recommend?
If you've never done yoga before (or practiced a little bit of yoga and are unsure of postures), we would recommend starting a 4-week beginner's course in yoga. We run beginner's yoga courses at all 4 of our studios and they consist of 1 class a week for 4 weeks. Click here for more info and dates.

Changing rooms
CAMYOGA Central has a small changing facility and lockers. CAMYOGA Shelford has no changing facility, but has plenty of bathrooms which can be used to change. CAMYOGA Mitcham's has no changing facility, there are bathrooms you can use to change but it is recommended that you arrive in your yoga wear ready to go!

Should I eat before class?
It is best not to eat a big meal within 4 hours of a class.
A healthy snack (such as a piece of fruit, or a handful of nuts) 1-2 hours before is fine.

We have a small vegan cafe at Central serving superfood smoothies, snacks, teas and coffees. CAMYOGA Mitcham’s and Shelford offer drinks and snacks.

Please only bring vegan items to CAMYOGA
Please respect that our studios are vegan spaces and don’t bring or consume meat or animal products on site.

Bring a water bottle
We provide water at all of our studios. Please do not bring glasses or mugs into our studios, we can provide a compostable paper cup if you haven't got a bottle.

We provide mats and props
It is nice to have your own mat, but we do provide them if you don’t have one. We sell yoga mats and towels at our Central studio.

Bring a towel to hot yoga
It is essential that you bring a towel (big enough to cover a yoga mat) or mat towel to hot yoga. We will not allow you in to class without one. We have mat towels available to buy at our Central studio.

How often should I practice?
There is significant benefit in coming to class 2-3 times a week. Expect to see dramatic mind and body benefits from this level of attendance. Almost all of our clients are seeking some kind of change. Attending 2-3 times a week regularly will bring about that change - guaranteed.

Arrive 15 minutes early
Classes are often busy. It’s good to arrive early, to ensure your spot and also so you can relax before class.

Don’t be late!
We operate a zero tolerance lateness policy. Classes start on time and late admissions are not allowed - this is to minimise disruption for your fellow practitioners. Please do not ask to be let into a class after it has started. Thank you for your cooperation.

Wear comfortable clothing
And a couple of layers. Most people wear gym-style clothing. For hot yoga we recommend shorts and vest.

Be prepared to remove your shoes upon arrival!
You will be asked to remove your shoes on arrival at the centres. You may leave them in the hall, or for your security please use the lockers provided in the changing rooms..

Book classes on the CAMYOGA app
We have a fantastic app that can be used on all android or apple devices. You can book into classes on the go, and even make purchases. Available for Android and iOS.

It is very important to inform your instructor at the start of your class if you are pregnant - not all classes are suitable for pregnancy.