We are so lucky to have Camyoga in Cambridge :) L.P.
Sometimes, when you are walking down the street and the world and everyone in it look completely crazy, you need a retreat. To go where you are not judged or scrutinised, where people (the yoga teachers) actually care about your health. To be in a place where someone asks if you are feeling okay. CAMYOGA is that place. After a day being amongst people who are wrapped up in their own lives, in their tasks, duties and responsibilities, it's a chance to really connect with people, make friends, and feel better.   It's so great, I almost don't want to write about it! J.D.
"CAMYOGA is a little haven where you can leave your troubles and your shoes at the door!" M.C.

Teacher Training

I loved learning about all the anatomy, I enjoyed meeting a group of great like-minded folks, I really enjoyed teaching practice and lesson planning tips. Overall, fantastic! L.P.
 The yoga as a business section was great to start to think about the things we need to do following the course. K.V.
 All staff were so helpful and supportive and nothing was ever too much trouble. The food was incredible - we were very well looked after. K.V.
Brilliant course, really gives the foundation and knowledge to becoming a yoga teacher. J.W
If you want the most thorough entry into being a yoga teacher taught by the most experienced and knowledgeable teachers then CAMYOGA's training courses are for you. J.L

If you have any fears around not being good enough or it being too hard - stop right there! Both students and the faculty are really supportive and loving. I truly feel as if I've made friends for life here and the things I've learnt can be carried into my personal life outside of yoga, too. J.P.

I appreciated the support emails that we received before coming onto the course and knowing that someone was on hand to answer queries (particularly important when you are not familiar with the area at all). K.V.

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