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“The purpose of Yoga Therapy is to lead us to the True Self…I don’t treat conditions. I am not a doctor nor do I have a physical therapy license. I treat the delusion of not knowing your Self and how to find your way past pain and suffering. I guide you, not treat you” Mukunda Stiles

Join Judy Sampath from Yoga United for an unmissable course for those who wish to learn Yoga Therapy.

On this comprehensive course, you will learn practical skills to support people seeking physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

This way of being starts with you!

Through this practical personal & professional development course, you will receive the guidance of a highly qualified and experienced team of tutors.

You will learn a sensitive and intuitive approach to the body, mind and emotions and discover the art of becoming a strong container in which to meet, greet and inspire others on their healing journey.
You will become more conversant with the many holistic skills and effective tools to guide others towards their full potential.
You will engage in practices designed to encourage a greater connection to loving presence, and in turn, support others in doing the same.
You will cultivate skills and practices which enables you to translate the learning directly into life, to deepen personal relationships, improve professional ones, and become unapologetically yourself.

A foundation course for teachers on their journey to becoming yoga therapists.
For individuals who are looking for Guidance on their personal development path, and improve relationships.

Work within a safe space - sharing knowledge, experience, insight and practices that support the learning process. A core principle of this course is to learn within a forum of support with peers and within a group through the learning process.

Course content

Yoga Therapy Module 1 explores the science of physical, mental, and energetic, systems of the body and the elements that make up human experience.

Unit 1 - Asana and embodied movement
You will be guided through movement, sequences, stasis and self-reflection to access a deeper awareness of body and mind processing.

Unit 2 - Structure & function of the respiratory system
You will explore different breathing techniques and their influence on the function of the respiratory system, focusing the mind, and changing mood.

Unit 3 - Structure and function of the nervous system
Understanding visceral responses to danger, safety, fear and joy. You will be guided through practices that recover homeostasis and wellbeing including restorative postures & yoga nidra

Unit 4 - Back/shoulder/neck – stiffness and pain
Specific yoga sequences address stiffness & pain throughout the spine. Preparation, physical benefits, contra-indications & energetic elements will inform choice of techniques for individual cases.

Unit 5 - Meeting common conditions – physical, mental & emotional health
You will have a greater understanding of some common conditions to assist health seekers in becoming experts in communicating and understanding their own needs. Meeting and greeting anxiety, anger and depression

Unit 6 – Prana – vital energy
Connection to the subtle body, layers of being and the many lenses through which we can understand health, disease and wholeness.

Unit 7 – Philosophy, Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras & the mind
Understanding ancient theories of human nature, suffering and that which stands in the way of discovery, recovery, and coming home.

Unit 8 – Language, deep listening, silence, & sound
Techniques to nourish the body & mind, create a space in which to investigate body-centred dialogue and the power of words. Create deep connection and empathy with self and others

By the end of the course, students will be able to:

  • Practice a range of yoga asana covered on the course, inc. supported restorative postures, and modifications for common conditions

  • Engage embodied mindfulness practices for insight unique to the individual

  • Practice a range of breathing & pranayama techniques

  • Practice relaxation techniques, restorative yoga postures, and yoga nidra

  • Share therapeutic practices, listening skills & collaboration with others

  • Understand the concept of mindfulness, meditation, presence, intention

  • Plan personal asana practices and creative sequences to meet own needs

  • Offer collaborative practices for back pain, anxiety, anger, depression

  • Describe the physical body systems covered on the course – respiratory, circulatory, nervous systems. Connect to the heart and lungs

  • Understand the difference between educating & teaching, fixing & healing

  • Understand the importance and effect of language & listening

  • Be informed about other yoga therapy training options following the course for continued support and development


Forthcoming Dates


26th - 29th March
14th - 17th May
*This essential 8 day course is split into two parts of 4 days each. You must attend every day for certification.


**Save £100 if paid in full before 26.01.2019

£250 non-refundable deposit available to secure place, full payment must be made minimum one month prior to course start date.
CLICK HERE to pay deposit.
CLICK HERE to pay remaining balance (for those already paid the deposit - £645 or £545 before 26/01/2020).
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Am I Suitable?

Anyone who loves learning and growing will benefit and can attend this course. Givers, carers, yoga teachers, therapists and health professionals looking to train as yoga therapists, practitioners with at least 3 years yoga experience, or other therapeutic practices.

Course Certification

A Certificate of Attendance is awarded to students completing the 60 hours training from Yoga United Education.

This 60 hours is a prerequisite, and the first 60 hours of the full 500 hour Yoga Therapy training.

Course Location

All course dates are run at the CAMYOGA dedicated studios at CAMYOGA Shelford. The centre is purpose built for yoga teacher training, and fully equipped with everything you need.

What's Included?

All tutoring, assessments, and course materials.

Course Tutors

The course director is Judy Hirsh Sampath.
with guest teachers Antonia Boyle, Beverley Nolan, Mary Mackie and Lyn Tally.

As a yoga teacher, I was surprised at every session and blessed with nuggets and gems of information – much food for thought which I am putting into practice and offering to my students. An excellent introduction to my yoga therapy journey.
— Cathy
This course has showered me with many blessings. I loved the variety of the teaching to promote knowledge and healing in support of my self as well as others – every day left me feeling alive and inspired.
— Lorraine

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