A Leap of Faith


I graduated from CAMYOGA in April this year, 2018. It took me a long time to decide to take the plunge into doing the training, but it was the best decision for both personal and professional reasons.

I am a personal trainer, nutritional therapist and pilates instructor. I have worked in the fitness industry for 12 years and had always thought the training as a yoga teacher would enrich what I already did - so in January this year I decided to go for it.


My procrastination about doing the yoga teacher training had nothing to do with a professional choice, because in the way it made perfect sense. My choice was a personal conundrum about whether I wanted to give up something that was very personal to me in order to share it with everyone else… very un-yogi I know, but it was a big decision for me, and it was the BEST decision I have ever made.



I started practicing yoga when I was about 17 and unusually for most it started with personal practice at home on my mat while I was at Uni. It was a moment of peace and reflection for me in a world that was getting increasingly unsteady (again for personal reasons) and yoga became my tool to help me press pause. I would lock my bedroom door, get on my mat and either follow a DVD or try to string together some asana sequence which may or may not result in some wacky contortion that was worlds away from any classical posture, but it worked for me. I was hooked.

Yoga became something which I never gave up. As other fads came and went, yoga was my constant. And then, as it started to grow in popularity I grappled with whether I was ready to make a profession out of something that was so personal to me.

This decision went back and forth, but in the end I concluded that my practice would always be my practice and we all know that the world, now more than ever, NEEDS MORE YOGA!! So that was it. I signed up and never looked back.


The course was amazing. I was lucky enough to be with the most incredible, diverse and enthusiastic people, but I honestly believe that you could not walk into a room with a group of people who are all there for the common interest of studying and developing their understanding of something as wonderful as yoga and be disappointed with the eclectic mix you would be faced with.

The course did everything I wanted it to do. I gained so much knowledge and understanding of areas of yoga I was less familiar with. I was given wonderful insight into the rich history and philosophy of the practice. The teachers were all fantastic and I left feeling confident in teaching others and with friends for life.



I am not one of those people who has dived head first into teaching my own classes. My life at the moment is rebuilding my own health and wellness business slowly as a personal trainer and nutritional therapist while being mummy to two small children, but doing the course and having our morning with Louise discussing ‘the business of yoga’ has helped me an enormous amount with planning the next steps of how to incorporate my business arms together and I am so excited for the future and the doors this course has opened up, both in my mind and for my career.

I hope to take some cover classes for CAMYOGA very soon and cannot wait to really get my teeth into launching my own classes next year when my girls are both at preschool. 

If you are in any doubt as to whether to take this course or you feel less than qualified to do so trust me when I say if you want to do it then apply!!! In my group we were all there for different reasons and it really doesn’t matter what your motivation is. It is an experience for life and one that I am very grateful I was able to do.

By Rebecca Goode

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