DETOXING - fighting the bacterias, viruses and parasites that our body struggles with!

Detox Day Our bodies are amazing, it is in their normal process to naturally detox everyday. However, the pollution in water, air and food makes it difficult for our bodies to keep up which means that toxins remain inside our tissues. This means that our bodies get overloaded with bacterias, viruses and parasites which are very harmful to our body. To get rid of these toxins we should put an extra time in detoxification.

  •  ‘The human body possesses an incomprehensible wisdom that we have yet to fully grasp, a wisdom that enables us to heal from a multitude of injuries, illnesses, and traumas. However, our bodies were not designed to manage the magnitude of toxicity we expose them to every day. The result is an epidemic of cancer, respiratory and heart disease, diabetes, allergies, and a multitude of other environmental and physical illnesses. Detoxification, on both a global and a personal level, has become a necessity in our modern world.’  (excerpt from the book by Michelle Schoffro Cook)

If you feel like your body needs a powerful boost and are ready to get rid of some toxins then come along to our...

Detox Day retreat with Louise Lloyd

Date: Saturday 12 January 2013, 10:00-16:30, £65 including all refreshments

Location: Great Shelford

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