How Do You Feel About Adjustments?

How Do You Feel About Adjustments?


As befits a diverse and global practice, the yoga world is chock full of debates. If you pay attention to the yoga press, you might be aware of the recent talk of "consent cards". These cards have been designed for students, who prefer not to receive adjustments or assists, to use in class in order to communicate their preference to the teacher. Kula Annex in Toronto is one of the studios pioneering this initiative. Their director, Christi-an Slomka, explains why:

“We can’t always know what someone has been through and if touch may be a trigger (especially when it comes without consent),” she continues. “Rape and sexual abuse can continue unchecked in a culture that doesn’t value consent. By demonstrating that consent is important to us, I believe we may be able to empower a shift in culture. Ultimately consent helps us to cultivate a safer space.”

We asked some of our teachers to share their thoughts on adjustment and consent and we'll be publishing these over the coming weeks.

At Camyoga we want our students to feel as safe and comfortable as possible. Are consent cards something you feel are necessary? We'd love to hear your thoughts on this matter! Use the comments space below or send us an email.

Image: Decolonizing Yoga