My dream home by Louise Palmer-Masterton

Ideal home by Explorer Explorer magazine print out a short interview with the founder of Camyoga - Louise Palmer-Masterton about what would Louise's dream home look like.

Where can people go to your yoga classes?

We're celebrating two years in our central Cambridge premises and we've just opened a new centre in Great Shelford where we run classes and our training school is based. We offer a range of classes from baby yoga and beginners to advanced and dynamic styles. We also have a corporate programme, offering stress management in the workplace and trying to change the way many people approach work.

If  you could have any home you liked what style would you want?

Uber modern as eco as possible, with lots of glass, light and plenty of open space. My husband and I have two children, a dog and two cats so our house is a permanent state of chaos but my yoga studious are immaculate. It would be perfect if I could have studio in my home. I'm also trained as a breath practitioner so space to do that would be fantastic.

What other rooms would you like?

A large indoor space for the children to run around and play in.

What about colours?

White and light colours are my preferrence. White is traditionally associated with spirituality, healing and supposedly doesn't absorb negative energy.

What luxury would you like?

I love to cook and entertain so a top of the range kitchen with gadgets would be a dream. I like the new retro look with pastel colours and seamless moulded worktops and splashbacks.