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Yogapractic - why knot?

knot“After one treatment, I was suddenly able to enjoy postures I’d pretty much given up on” -HL, Camyoga patient

Yoga is the perfect daily practice to keep you strong and flexible - so why would a dedicated yogi need chiropractic?

Here’s why: imagine you’re pulling a piece of elastic. It stretches equally along its whole length - just like a totally happy yoga body in a stretch. Now imagine the same piece of elastic, but this time a knot’s been tied in it, so there’s a loop in the middle. As you stretch the elastic this time, the long pieces stretch again. But there’s a loop that’s not joining in, because it can’t. In a human body, this could be because of muscle tightness, for example, or a tiny misalignment at a joint, or even an internal scar.

You might be looking at your elastic by now, wondering why it won’t reach as far as it used to. You might be devoted to your practice and stretch your human elastic more and more. You might focus your work on that area that gives you pain, won’t shift, or stiffens after practice.

Think, though. Which bit of this elastic is going to fray? The bit that’s going to fray is the piece that’s working, but working overtime. If one part of you is mysteriously sore (low-back, typically) or tight (hamstrings!), it could well be compensating for another part of you.

Chiropractic treatment goes straight for the knot. Why not come and see Mary at the Great Shelford studio, and discuss freeing yourself up for a spring forward in your yoga. 15-minute individual assessments are completely free of charge.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMary is a registered McTimoney chiropractor and a Camyoga 200hr yoga teacher. She also uses myofascial release, massage and cranial laser therapy as appropriate. Chiropractors are Primary Care Practitioners and are regulated by the General Chiropractic Council. Email

Why You Deserve A Massage

Why You Deserve A Massage

fresver4"It is not a luxury to take care of ourselves, it is as essential as eating, sleeping and breathing" - Wendy Gaisford

Practitioners of yoga are well aware that the mind and body are closely linked. Over-work and prolonged mental or physical stress can have significant detrimental effect on the body; when we ignore our body's needs we also miss out on a healthy mind and general life balance.

Tension, discomfort and pain are our body's way of telling us something is wrong. Excessive stress on both the body and mind, whether as a result of exercise or general life, may result in muscular tension and soreness resulting in decreased energy levels, mental clarity or poor sleep. By allowing our body and mind time  to relax and recover, both are then in a better position to heal and stay healthy.

Holistic Massage

A great way of relieving muscular tension is through holistic massage - this practice also improves circulation, lymphatic drainage and releases toxins to relieve pain, encourage concentration, relaxed breathing and a better quality of sleep.

Vitally, holisitic massage also provides the opportunity to allow the mind to slow down and switch off from every day stresses and problems. Mental clarity and energy can be increased, lifting the spirit, providing an effective method of rebalancing you both physically and mentally.

Sports & Remedial Massage

Sports massage is a style of deep tissue massage concerned with injury prevention and the maintenance of optimum sporting activity, allowing you to train to your full potential and recover optimally.

Sports therapy massage aims to reduce muscular tension and knots to increase circulation and encourage the removal of toxic waste products, such as lactic acid, built up within the muscles during exercise. By employing neuromuscular and myofascial release and massage techniques it is possible to promote healing and enhance the rate of recovery between training sessions.

Regular sports and remedial massage has been shown to be effective at preventing and treating niggling injuries before they become chronic. Sports massage therapy is also suitable for anyone who is experiencing everyday levels of stress and strain. For those who focus on  achieving the best out of themselves, regular sports massage is an essential part of your training routine.

Wendy Gaisford

Wendy Gaisford will be offering Holistic & Remedial Massage, Indian Head Massage and Deep Tissue Massage from Camyoga Shelford on Mondays and Wednesdays. Appointments are available between 10am-4pm at an introductory rate of £42 per hour. Click here to book an appointment online.

We are seeking therapists!

We are now looking in to expanding what we offer here at Camyoga by adding therapy sessions to our Cambridge Central Studios. If you are an experienced massage or bodywork therapist looking to be employed by us or if you prefer to hire one of our rooms for your private practice please get in touch with Louise on 097970 646779 or via email

If you are experienced in any other type of therapy, such as acupuncture or NLP practice, don’t hesitate to contact Louise given that we will be expanding our offers even further from January 2013.

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