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Coming up! Workshops with Senior Yoga Teacher Brigitte Riley

By Geni Ebbetts

I met Brigitte about 15 years ago, not long after she had qualified as a yoga teacher, when I attended one of her classes in Milton Keynes. I’ve been practicing yoga since I was 13 (which is a lot longer than 15 years), yet Brigitte’s teaching just resonated with me like nothing had before and that one class, even though I didn’t realise at the time, began my journey towards qualifying as a teacher. Brigitte trained initially with Anusara Yoga, a style renowned for its focus on good alignment and spiritual expression and she was until 2012, an Anusara Inspired teacher. She has so much knowledge and has studied with the most amazing teachers like Tias Little and Rod Stryker and is qualified to teach therapeutic, somatic and yin yoga, most of all she teaches from her heart! I have been so honoured for her to be part of my journey, I have studied with her both before and after I qualified and we have been students together, including many mad road trips to workshops and trainings with other teachers.


When it came to adding more workshops for teachers to our offer at CAMYOGA it was a no brainer for me, Brigitte had to teach them. I have attended all of the workshops that she will be teaching for us (to which she’s added even more detail since I did them) and can guarantee that you will leave each workshop with so much knowledge and so many techniques to use in your classes, I can honestly say that I use something that I have learned with Brigitte in pretty much every class I teach and have shared just a tiny bit of what I have learnt with the students I have taught on our 200 hour teacher training. The great thing about all the workshops that Brigitte is delivering is that they are totally experiential so you get to feel and understand why the techniques you’ll develop will help your students get the best out of your classes and keep them coming back to you for more.

 Here’s what you can expect from each workshop:

May 11 - 12, 2019

You’ll use every prop imageable and probably a few you’ve never considered. Working in a multitude of asana you’ll discover how to use props in every situation to enhance your students practice. You’ll get to experience what if feels like to use props in so many different ways so that you can get it right with your students. A whole lesson on my beginners course was based on what I learnt in this workshop! Genuinely what you learn will change the way you think about using props in your classes. Book now.

July 13 - 14, 2019

Whilst my 200 hr course included some hands on adjustment techniques this workshop changed how I thought about adjusting students, with their permission, in my classes. It helped me understand not only when students will benefit from adjustment, but also which type of assist will work best on any given occasion. Book now.

September 14 - 15

I have used what I learnt in this workshop so much – this really is a common sense approach to building vinyasa classes to a peak/apex pose. You’ll concentrate on an anatomical and energetic approach to fitting postures seamlessly together and your students will love it! I use this approach in all my classes and it never ever fails! Book now.

All of Brigitte’s trainings that I have attended have been so rewarding, she has a wonderful way of making you work really hard without you realising it. You’ll learn and laugh I promise!

World Class Ashtanga Teachers Coming to Camyoga

Camyoga has an exciting year looking forward as we are hosting some of the world's best

ashtanga teachers.  Nancy Gilgoff, John Scott, and David Swenson will all be joining us in 2012.  These teachers are not to be missed. All three have long histories of study with the late Patthabi Jois. Gilgoff and Swenson are both largely responsible for spreading ashtanga to the west during the 1970's.

Nancy Gilgoffwill be here June 23 and 24 for Intensive

ashtanga workshops.  She travels all the way from Maui.   John Scott  joins us September 7 - 9 to bring us inward to a transformative practice.  David Swensonreturns to Camyoga November 28 for a fun-filled exploration of yoga.

Don't miss the chance to study and learn from these fabulous teachers and practitioners. You can find both led and mysore style ashtanga classes on the Camyoga schedule to guide you through the primary series.  We are aslo pleased to welcome Gunveer Muhandru as our newest ashtanga teacher.

"Practice and all is coming" ~Sri. K. Patthabi Jois

New Talks with Dr. Peter Connolly

Sure to stimulate debate, thought, and controversy, Dr. Peter Connolly brings his next talks and workshops to Camyoga.  With PhD's in comparative religion and philosophy Dr. Connolly has studied and questioned the many yoga texts, histories, and traditions.

Join an informal discussion on the Psychology of Yogic Meditation on the evening of Friday September 16th from 18:30 to 21:00.

Then on Saturday join the workshop exploring the Pranas, chakras, and psychology of yoga. Peter challenges claims of the subtle body, containing nadhis, prana, and chakras.  He then makes an argument for yogic meditationleading to actual knowledge about ourselves and the universe. Saturday September 17th 12:00 - 17:30.

Book Here