We are expanding!

As you may have heard, we are taking on a new studio and cafe space in central Cambridge! This is a site additional to the existing Cambridge site.

We are very excited about this new site, and in particular the cafe which will be Cambridge’s first permanent vegan cafe. The studio is brand new, and purpose built as a yoga studio.

We have put together the answers to some questions you might have. Please feel free to contact us if you have any more questions.

  1. Where is the new studio?
    The new studio is at 121 Chesterton Road, Mitcham's corner. Above Evans Cycles.
  2. Which classes will be held in the Mitcham's Corner studio?
    We will be creating a new schedule of classes in the new studio. A couple of classes will move from the other sites, but in general the schedules in Shelford and Central will not change. See point 15
  3. What's happening with Shelford?
    We will be moving to a new location in Shelford
  4. Why are you moving from Shelford?
    The landlord has not renewed our lease there as they want to rent to an office occupier and make more money.
  5. Will there be a changing area in Mitcham's Corner and the new Shelford studio?
    There will be provision for changing and storage of personal belongings, but not changing rooms as such.
  6. Is there parking?
    Mitcham's Corner is a busy urban area with on street meter parking. There are also various small car parks, and free parking a 5 min walk away on Gilbert Road. Shelford has ample free parking.
  7. Will there be a cafe in Mitcham's Corner?
    We are delighted to say that there will be a brand new publicly open vegan cafe.
  8. Will there be a cafe at Shelford?
    There will not be a cafe like there is now at Shelford, but there will be cafe provision such as drinks and snacks. 
  9. Will you offer take away food from Shelford and Central? We have been asked about offering take away freezer food from the other locations, and this is something that we will try to provide.
  10. Will the conveniences be shared in Shelford?
    The new Shelford studio is in a shared occupation building with shared toilets, but it is not busy with other people like the current site.
  11. Where will workshops and trainings be held?
    Workshops and some trainings will be held at the Mitcham's Corner site. Some trainings may be held in Shelford.
  12. How will this impact membership options?
    We are going to move to a single tier membership and pass structure where all memberships and passes will be valid at all sites, including hopefully Buckden. We hope that this will be a great benefit to clients.
  13. Will there be any single-studio memberships?
    We are phasing out Shelford only memberships. If you are currently on a Shelford only membership you will be able to keep renewing, but we are not offering these to new members any more.
  14. When is the move taking place in Shelford?
    We hope to move early October
  15. When is the Mitcham's Corner studio opening?
    We hope to be open end Sept, with the official launch October 7th.
  16. How might the schedules change?
    Andrea K's Weds Jivamukti and Yin classes will move to the new Mitcham's Corner site. Friday Night Live will also move. Other than that we have a brand new schedule there.