WE DID IT IN RECORD TIME! We are now overfunding!


We are currently the third most successful project on Crowdfunder, and the most successful rewards based project over all! GO CAMBRIDGE!

We are now in what is called 'over funding', this is where we set a 'stretch' target and keep taking pledges.

As you can imagine fitting out a cafe and studio is an expensive business, and the more we can raise from crowd funding, the less we have to reply on banks, lease purchase or any other kind of funding.

All funds over and above the original target come to us directly now, so we are home and dry :)

This campaign has gone beyond our wildest dreams! It will be a remarkable success if with your help we can fund this project just by people power!

To give you an idea:

  • An extra £10,000 will enable us to purchase our new Rational oven and extraction equipment outright without having to lease purchase.
  • Another £15,000 will enable us to purchase our fridges, freezers and other kitchen equipment outright.
  • Another £15,000 will enable us to purchase our servery area equipment outright.

These are the works we have to complete:
Cafe fit out, decoration and furnishing; commercial kitchen installation; sound proof partition, studio furbishment, studio equipment, AV equipment.

Lets make this one of the most amazing crowdfunding projects ever :)

We know lots of people haven't managed to pledge yet, so you have time and we are adding new rewards all the time. We still have a couple of GOLD packages left, and one teacher training place....

We will probably stop the campaign before the 28 day original time line - so go for it! PLEDGE NOW! Help us to build this space beautiful.

With love and Gratitude
Louise and the team at CAMYOGA XX