Why Mindfulness Works, by Mrs Grumpy

Why Mindfulness Works by Mrs Grumpy

Love every drop 2

The temperature has dropped and I can feel the inner Mrs Grumpy surface as the prospect of getting soaked again on my bike is not that thrilling. Time to wheel in some Mindfulness.  I check in with a brief body scan and note hunched up shoulders, upper chest breathing , a tight jaw and wrists at 45 degrees.  Just by noting what is happening my shoulders and breath start to relax. Realistically it is only a few rain drops and actually I do have waterproofs on and ask myself what is the actual sensation of the rain rather than my snazzle frazzle perception.

It is light and quite warm and I start to smile as I remember that I too am actually waterproof and hopefully won’t be dissolving like the Wicked Witch of the West and isn’t this a lucky way to travel?  I start to climb out of Mrs Grumpy and into Ms Curious, what is happening around me?

Going under Elizabeth Way bridge there is a small boy at the top of the stairs and at the bottom is what looks like his Grandma. She is wrapped up and holding a bright umbrella and is fully engaged with the little boys’ game.  There is metal hand rail with a perfect groove for his toy cars and he is letting them go from the top and Grandma evaluates their progress ‘yes, this is working well, now let go of the blue car.’ They are totally engrossed in their adventure, the smile gets bigger.

Around the corner I wait at a crossing and the heavens are now open. A van pulls up and it is an Anglian Water van and on its bonnet it proclaims:

‘Love every drop’!

How could I do any-thing else but laugh. It is an enchanting world and Mindfulness helps to reveal beautiful precious moments. The little moments become the big moments. This month is Mindfulness month at Camyoga starting with a day retreat on Saturday and then Carolyn Pallon is running a Mindfulness Introduction course from the 11th June for four weeks.