Becoming A Yogi

imageYoga teaches us to calm the mind, and draw our attention inwards. In return, we get paid through the amazing feelings of energy, gratitude, self-love, peace and other pretty great thoughts and feelings (uhh, not to mention strong lean yoga machine bodies). But it takes hard work, dedication and devotion to your practice and I have decided: I’m Esh, sixteen years old and so ready to surrender to the gorgeous practice of Yoga. So here's my journey to becoming a yogi. Wearily, I stepped into the studio ready for my first Iyengar Yoga class. At Camyoga, there is a massive variety of classes to suit everyone, and the best thing is to try a little bit of everything and stick with the ones that move and groove how you like. Coming from a self-confessed Vinyasa-flow-freak, Iyengar Yoga was pretty different, but wonderful.

At the beginning, you take your props (e.g. blocks, pillow and chair) and take a relaxation however you like (for example, laying in reclined Baddha Konasana). This instantly helps you to rid of your inhibitions, and open up to the practice. The props help to deepen and further the practice, and as I walked out I could feel my tailbone tucking down, sternum lifting up – it’s a feeling of openness, not just in your body but also in your mind as you feel more free. Even drinking my mango smoothie afterwards felt different!

Iyengar yoga not only can ease your daily life (for example, if you fancy doing a yogi squat in the middle of Parker’s Piece, you may find yourself sinking into it happily) but also your own yoga practice (in a fast paced yoga flow class, injuries will be prevented because you now know the best alignment). It can be suited to everyone and help improve whatever you do for a living or how you go about your day.

So whether you’re a Jivamukti junkie or an Ashtanga addict, I can safely say give Iyengar a try to further your knowledge and precision of alignment.