Becoming a Yogi Pt. 2: Flow-ga!

Laura Hughes I don’t know about you, but I love how yoga gives me freedom. A flow style yoga class gives me that sweet freedom whilst making me feel invincible. Yoga Flow Open class glided me through (hopefully) gracefully and freely.

The Yoga Flow Open classes rotate teachers, which means it’s refreshing and reviving each time. The class gently allows individuals to move at their own pace, find their natural movement and range of mobility – with the use of props and modifications, you can devise a gentle and calming practice OR a more invigorating, heated practice.

It was a scorching hot day, but the natural movement of air in the studio combined with some cooling style of breathing allowed my previous stress from the morning to melt away slowly.

The class I went to was instructed by Laura Hughes who led the class beautifully, making sure if anyone had any injuries that she needed to be notified of. I’m pretty sure all yoga teachers are lovely, but at Camyoga there is a real sense of genuine interest and passion for yoga which leads the students to feel the embrace of trust much easier in a class.

The class focused mostly on the key, essential asanas of a yoga flow, and having a teacher there to remind you of the “mini yogi posture checklist”, as I like to call it, (stuff like navel drawn in, tailbone down, etc) is super helpful as it really helps you to move deeper into your practice. We also focused quite a lot on different Mudras (hand gestures) that had different benefits and feelings attached which further helped to deepen the entire practice. If you’re more into a solely stretching style class, this one may not be for you but I encourage you to try it as it lifts your spirits and feels exhilarative as you twist, glide and rock your way through the hour.

Overall, I loved this style of class – the flow followed by some gentle seated postures was the perfect afternoon pick me up, so if you’re feeling like you want a lively lunch hour, bring a packed lunch and go flow-ga!