Becoming a Yogi Pt. 3: Happy Hatha

Mundane Monday Morning. Mondays don’t have to feel rubbish, but sometimes that slightly damp feeling you get come Monday morning just rains on your Sunday parade.

That’s how I felt today, anyway, but instead of wallowing all day I went to Yoga Open at 1:00pm.


The class was led by the gracious and inviting Meredith Gunderson, and as I left the studio, having finished the class, my whole spirits had been lifted.

“Rise up to the day!” Meredith chanted as we moved through different asanas – even in the first 2 minutes, I could feel myself exhaling that mellow mundane feeling, and inhaling a feeling of brightness, a feeling of excitement about the week ahead and the opportunites there are to take.

Different postures were peacefully introduced to us, whilst that ‘mini yogi posture checklist’ was ticked off with the help of the gentle reminders to keep tailbones down, sternums up to see the sun.


The Yoga Open class follows a classic Hatha style of yoga, which allows all ages and abilities to come, pop their leggings on and de-stress – yogi style! Teachers vary, so all classes will be a little different, but generally Hatha yoga is like a warming mug of hot chocolate: it’s calming and feels wonderful (unlike hot chocolate, it doesn’t contain chocolate but you can grab a cacao smoothie on the way out if you’re feeling frisky)!

So come, de-stress, rid of those unwelcome feelings and get your Hatha on. You can view the class schedule here