Becoming a Yogi Pt. 4: The Barre Burn


As I walked into the Barre Concept class, the energy in the room suddenly became contagious. A warm, bouncy and excited sensation completely filled my body (if the sensation was visible, it would be that really fun pink kind of colour). The lovely Amy Holly kindly asked if I’d had any experience, and I explained that I’d done ballet before but never something like this, but as soon as it started I knew it was for me.

Barre Concept is a low impact workout, meaning if you have any issues with loads of jumping, or have low blood pressure and feel woozy when moving really fast, but still want a sweaty total body workout, it’s for you. The small movements that Amy Holly sneakily adds in throughout the hour boosted the workout completely, targeting each different little muscle group, making it interesting, exciting and innovative. It’s the day after, and my legs feel like jelly!

Another thing I loved about Barre Concept was how strong and lean it made my muscles feel. As soon as you’d worked your ballet behind off, you would combat the tightness with dynamic moving stretches meaning you won’t be left with short little rock-like muscles, you’ll have long, lean beautiful bodies ready to arabesque and plié through life!

You may dislike the pace, or the music might not be your kind of thing but honestly when you throw yourself into it, it’s incredibly fun! One thing I am noticing more and more through this journey is that if I leave my silly self-restrictions, everything is one hundred million times better. Next time you’re trying something new, wrap your inhibitions up in a recyclable bag and chuck them away – you don’t need them! Throw yourself into it, and the best feelings and results will come.

If you want to have a lively workout, similar to a blend of a ballet class and a Jane Fonda workout, that gives you elongated and elegant muscles, try out Barre Concept!