Am I Good Enough to Become a Yoga Teacher?

Hands on adjustment You have been taking yoga classes for a while and know it makes a difference to your life.  You have started to think about teaching and wondering about the next step. A momentum builds and before you know it you are looking into courses.  A very human hand brake that is often applied is the thought ‘but am I good enough?’

It is a completely natural and isolating feeling.  Take a Masterclass with some of the best teachers in the world and you will quickly see they do have a solid practise but it is not about their practise it is about the students.

Let’s take a peek at three of the world’s best teachers:

David Swenson

There are photos of David Swenson, a top Ashtanga teacher, in challenging arm balances. But in a workshop with him, instead of demonstrating his own skill in these postures, he utilises a wicked sense of humour and light hearted comments to illustrate deep teaching points.

matthew sanford

Matthew Sanford, an incredible Iyengar teacher is a paraplegic after a car accident at the age of 13.  Matthew has learnt to listen to the quiet voice of his own body, this helps him to understand what is needed in a pose. In one workshop a lady with a disability asked him if what she was doing was a good modification.  He gave her power back and suggested she needed to teach this to others and asked when her book was coming out. 'If I hadn't met Matt I would be more defined by my injury instead of the person that I am.' This is inspired teaching. Matthew Sandford on Teaching Yoga

Max Strom

Max Strom is one of the world’s most respected teachers on personal transformation and was born with physical challenges, showing there is more to Yoga. Can Yoga help with sleeping, depression, anxiety when a student does not know what else to do? See more with Max's talk on TED. There is no App for Happiness.

Max addresses the internal, emotional and spiritual aspects of our lives.  Max  is visiting Camyoga on the 18th April, book here

Take a moment to look around at the types of people there are in the world, Yoga is increasing 30% each year in the UK and the USA, this includes all ages and abilities.  A variety of teaches are needed to match this need.

Camyoga’s Yoga Teacher Training Diploma course is taught by the best in their field, this gives a great foundation to becoming a teacher.  To start with as a new teacher you may emulate those who you admire, keep learning and developing and teach from the heart and from your own values, be inspired to inspire and remember the very best teachers are the students.

If you are passionate about sharing Yoga. You are good enough. Teach.

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