Introducing Paul Fox

Paul Fox, Ashtanga and Core Strength Yoga teacher, is the newest member of the CamYoga teaching team. Paul got hooked on yoga at a yoga festival in 1995 and his practice has been growing and diversifying since. Along the years he aquired extensive teaching and teacher training experience: he completed a BWY Diploma and a PGCE teaching qualification, and trained in Ashtanga Yoga for two years with John and Lucy Scott, whom coincidentally is holding a workshop at CamYoga this week (check it out on our website : He is also a student of anatomy and physiology. In additon, he has qualifications in Indian Head Massage and Swedish Massage, and has trained in Thai Yoga Massage. In an interview he described his practice as transformative:

'Yoga is an alchemy, itís transformative and a powerful tool for self development. That can lead to scary changes in your life ñ it did in mine! But it is better to live life to the full, and be awake to the essence of what is real than to get stuck in the material trap.'(Yoga Adobe, 2009)

Paul will be teaching some of the mysore and ashtanga classes at the centre, look out for him on our online timetable!

Welcome Paul!



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