2013 - A Year of Mindfulness

2013 - A Year of Mindfulness


'Mindfulness: The Secret to Success', 'Now's the moment for mindfulness', 'Mindfulness Practices To Take Control of Workplace Problems', 'Can 'Mindfulness' really help you focus?'... These are a just a few out of many titles out there focusing on mindfulness and its beneficial influence on a person's mind and body. This may mean that mindfulness is finally getting the recognition in our media that it deserves! The Telegraph newspaper even stated that the year 2013 is 'Mindfulness year'. So, I am asking you, have you thought about what mindfulness can do for you?

It seems that researchers and mindfulness practitioners both agree that mindfulness can radically improve your quality of live. First of all, mindfulness will present you with an opportunity to learn about awareness. This gained awareness will help you to focus your attention on the present moment and appreciate what and whom is around you and therefore has the potential to expand your capacity to live and love. It also helps people reduce their physical pains and stresses and help them to deal with their life's ups and downs in a calmer manner. Mindfulness has even become a talking point in Parliament as it was discussed as a therapy option 'in relation to both unemployement and depression' as well as for the already mentioned beneficial aspects to one's mind and body.

At Camyoga, we also recognise the value and importance of mindfulness! You can look forward to our very own 'Month of Mindfulness' this coming June. Follow our blog to read more about mindfulness events at Camyoga. Meanwhile, here is a BBC feature on mindfulness.