News From Camyoga Founder & Your Feedback Answered!


News From Camyoga Founder & Your Feedback Answered!

Christmas greetings everyone!

As we move into 2014 we have some exciting new developments at Camyoga.

We are refurbishing our central hot studio again, and this time also installing a ballet barre and we will be launching our exciting new barre classes end jan. I have tried barre and i loved it! As a yoga practitioner and student i found it a powerful, strengthening, fun, and deep stretching workout which has great value as a complement to an existing yoga practice. It is also great for sports people. Please do come and give it a try. Barre classes will be FREE for gold members.

I wanted to thank you for the feedback we received in response to our feedback drive a couple of weeks ago. All the feedback was overwhelmingly positive, and there were some great constructive ideas.

I would like to feedback on your feedback now! And address the common themes arising:

Here are the top five:

1. Early morning classes. Apparently you all want them! SO we will be piloting some 7am open classes from jan, and we will also be holding 'a week of mysore ashtanga' in the hope of generating enough interest to establish regular mysore classes again. BUT we need you to support these classes! I both the 7am and mysore classes are well attended then we will of course keep them permanently on the schedule. 2. Showers/changing rooms. As many of you know we have been investigating how we can upgrade our changing facilities and install showers. This is very much on the agenda, and we hope that we will see this start to progress towards the end of 2014. It is a tricky task for us given the space limitations, but we have had several ideas so watch this space. In the mean time, we do understand that it gets very tight in the evenings, and we appreciate your understanding of the situation. 3. Equipment. Apparently the right equipment is not always in the right place at the right time, a situation for which i can only apologise. We have now purchased more blankets and cushions, and will be buying more bolsters shortly. Some of you mentioned that our mats are getting worn. Yes this is true, and we will be replacing them in due course, but as you probably know, old mats go straight to landfill, so we would like to hold off from that as long as possible if we can, for environmental reasons. In january we will be holding a mat sale, so it will be a great opportunity to buy your own mat if you don't own one already. We are also looking into allowing members to store their matts at the centre somewhere. 4. More classes in Shelford. We hear you! We will be starting a new class on sunday evenings, and also a class on wednesday morning. 5. More weekend classes in Central. We have a really exciting new schedule for weekends central from Jan. Take a look here

I am always delighted to hear your feedback, which can be sent to We have had so many positive comments, about the centres, and particularly about our teachers and staff. Some of which i have included below.

Wishing you all the very best for Christmas and a very happy new year.

And thank you for your support of Camyoga.

With love and best wishes

Louise Palmer-Masterton

'Yoga has completely changed my life - I feel calmer, healthier and fitter. It has changed the way I look at things, see the world and feel about happenings around me.'

'I look at the Camyoga centres and my mat in fact, as places of spiritual awakening, physical challenge, emotional release and retreat'

'A day I'm not at Camyoga is actually a day when I want to be'

'With the cafe serving amazing food I find that I'm eating well, working better and exercising'

'Yoga has really changed the way I feel about myself, my attitude to food and being mindful of how I deal with difficult situations'

'Camyoga has made us think twice about moving out of the area'

'I really like the Camyoga membership model. It gives me the opportunity to work with so many talented yoga teachers on a regular basis'

'The Camyoga staff and teachers are so friendly and welcoming, I feel thoroughly spoilt'

'If you develop a thirst for yoga then Camyoga has the options available to keep you interested'

'I personally find that yoga is more beneficial when practised regularly, for me I like to go 4-5 times a week - I find I am more focused and flow better the more regularly that I attend'

'Literally as soon as I went to Camyoga I saw people talking and the atmosphere was wildly different (...from a gym). Like being at a friend's home. Very comfortable and the teachers and staff are lovely'

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