Rachael Moore Answers Your Pregnancy Yoga Questions

Rachael Moore Answers Your Pregnancy Yoga Questions: Part One


1) How far into my pregnancy can I continue with my yoga practice?

Rachael: With some considered modifications and really taking into account how you are feeling at the time of your practice, there is absolutely no reason why you can not continue your practice and reap the benefits of a regular practice right up to the point when you go into labour!

2) Have you ever had anyone go into labour in one of your classes?

Rachael: Thankfully no! Not yet anyway!

3) Can I keep going to my regular yoga class whilst I am pregnant? I have quite a strong practice.

Rachael: This is both a yes & no answer! It depends on what style of yoga you practice and whether your regular teacher is happy to include you into the class and is aware of how to safely modify the practice for your pregnancy.

If you have a hot yoga practice then I'd look to changing to a non-hot class. If you have a very strong vinyasa/ashtanga practice then you will need to modify your practice, for example, avoiding twisting postures (or modify to an open twist), no big backbends (ie. urdvha Dhanurasana - wheel) or strong core work and stepping instead of jumping back.

You may find that the further you progress through your pregnancy, the more you will be drawn towards a softer practice, focussing on hip opening, sequences to help with common pregnancy ailments and breath work to help with relaxation. If you maintain your regular practice, it would be worthwhile complimenting it with some pregnancy yoga classes as well, to learn how to work with your ever-changing body and needs at this transformative time both for your pregnancy and labour itself.

4) Did you do yoga during your pregnancies?

Rachael: Yes I went to pregnancy yoga classes during all three of my pregnancies. I have no doubt what so ever that it was my yoga practice that contributed hugely towards three amazing natural active births. Although you can never guarantee how your pregnancy and labour will progress, I strongly believe that by preparing your body and mind, informing yourself and embodying this knowledge you enable yoursef to have the best chance possible of having the pregnancy and labour that nature intended!


Rachael Moore teaches Yoga Flow and Pregnancy Yoga at Camyoga. For a list of her scheduled classes please click here. Rachael is also a member of our Teacher Training Faculty.