Camyoga launches rewards programme

We are now launching a new customer reward program on Perkville on which you earn points for attending classes or workshops, referring friends, following us on Twitter or Facebook and more. You will be able to redeem your points on Perkville in form of vouchers which you can use towards payments or exclusive Camyoga offers (refreshment in form of juice or therapy session with one of our amazing therapists). And if you’re wondering when can you start collecting your points the answer is now!

From today, when you attend class, you’ll receive an email to enroll in the program. After that initial enrollment, for which you will gain 10 points to get you started, and you’re all set to earn more points! Learn more at Perkville and call one of our studios if you have any questions. Earn points, and some good karma while you’re at it, just by continuing your practice and sharing your love of yoga at Camyoga with your friends. It’s as simple as that!

Our special intro reward points are:

1 point per class attended

5 points for following us on twitter

10 points per workshop or day retreat attended

10 points for posting on your facebook or twitter about us (this must be done through the perkville website)

10 points for joining the programme

20 points for a therapy appointment attended

50 points for referring a friend

And you can redeem your points in form of:

100 points gets you a yummy fresh juice

250 points a £10 voucher

500 points a £20 voucher

1000 a 1 hour therapy appointment


Collect away...:)

The Camyoga team