Something to look forward to during the chilly autumn days: Camyoga retreats

Our retreats have become somewhat of a tradition and as traditions go, these are definitely of the fun kind. Helen, one of our members, described her experience as:

“We all loved the food especially the desserts. Plucking figs off the tree and eating them. Yoga in the mornings on the platform was wonderful. A bit hot in the afternoons though. Great company from genuinely nice people. Very helpful teachers. Lovely rooms. Stunning views. A lot of fun.”

Louise Lloyd, who taught this years’ retreat added:

"Why I love the retreats....stunning location, delicious healthy food, yoga, time to be as active or restful as you please, time to read an inspiring book, and the great company of new friends. And let's not forget the SUN! Lots of it :-)

This year, we will have two retreats, one in Spain and one in Italy with stunning views, amazing yoga and delicious food.

The dates for 2013 are:

 Italy - In sabina 27July - 3rd August

Spain - Molino del rey - 24th-31st August

For more details check out the website or give us a call on 01223 524 587 to enquire about booking.

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