Teaching restorative yoga - article by Beverley Nolan

Teaching Restorative YogaRestorative Yoga

by Beverley Nolan

Restorative yoga is an approach to practice which unwinds deep tensions and contractions in the bodymind using supported postures, mindful breathing and meditative pointers. The practice shifts the focus away from the doing-side of our nature and cultivates an environment in which the body systems can return to optimal balance. In these accelerated times, the practice is gaining more and more in popularity as the benefits are suitable for everyone, not just those experiencing chronic stress and fatigue.

In the training, we will look closely at spinal evolution from embryo to adult; the goal-oriented and process-oriented aspects of the nervous system, the endocrine system as well as consider aspects of yogic anatomy namely the prana vayus and the chakra system. We will look at 15 key postures and understand how to select, sequence and set up them up, and how to adjust and assist for individual needs. Of course, we will get to practice all of the the postures ourselves!

Here is a quote from Judith Hanson Lassater who is one of the leading voices in Restorative Yoga

“When we take the time to create ease in our lives, we not only affect ourselves and our own bodies, we also affect the quality of our actions…and the choices we make…and then we begin to affect the world. When we act from deep ease, we will affect people we haven’t even met!”

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Recommended literature and videos:

Books ( Beverley is in the process of writing one, btw!) but perhaps the best text is by Lasater.

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