Vegan challenge off to a great start

Vegan challenge off to a great start


So I have managed to persuade my children, aged 7 and 9 to take the Camyoga 14 day vegan challenge. Actually surprisingly no persuading was involved - I think the words 'challenge' and 'prizes' were key!

Usually they hear the V word (I am vegan) and start groaning.

Anyway, a storming success was made with mum's vegan tacos. Kids love things in little bowls, so I decorated the table with lots of little bits of delicious nibbles so they could build their own tacos.

Ingredients Tacos shells Black beans (recipe below) Vegan cheese - my kids favourite is Violife cut into small strips (also great in bagels) - you can buy it in Arjuna on Mill Road Tomatoes and cucumber salad with basil and olive oil and lemo dressing Cos lettuce cut into small strips plus a few rocket leaves Tomato salsa (recipe below or you can buy this) Avocados cut into small pieces You can also use soy yoghurt, but my children prefer it without. Taco shells need crisping in the over for a couple of minutes, but once they are done, serve all the above in small bowls and let the children build their own.

Black beans 250 g black beans 1 tsp cumin powder 1 small red onion (optional) The black beans need soaking for 6 hours. you can also fast track this by soaking in hot water (bring to the boil and then stand for one hour) Cook the beans for 1 1/2 hours (ish) If this sounds too arduous you can use canned beans. And in fact any beans will do here - pinto, black eyed, or even kidney beans Fry the onion (if using) and cumin for 10 mins until soft then add the cooked beans. Cook for a few mins adding water if needed. Mash slightly before serving.

Tomato salsa Chop some very ripe tomatoes (if you have lots of time deseed them). Add lime juice and coriander to taste. And a little salt. I don't add chill when cooking for my children (it would not go down well!), but you can also add a few slices of fresh chilli if you like.