Wood fired Hot Tub & Sauna - Saturday 16th March - Cambridge

Wood Fired Hot Tub & Sauna in Cambridge!

How good would you feel in a woodfired hot tub & sauna, in a secret location in nature 5 mins walk from centre of Cambridge?

We are thinking relaxed and rejuvenated. Its happening this Saturday 16th March 2pm - 10pm

Wild Being Now http://wildbeingnow.tumblr.com/ is a small project set up to help people have unique experiences in nature. Yes it is that simple.

Anyone from Camyoga can enjoy the unique venue and bar for free, they just need to register with Wild Being first via the link above.

If you fancy the heat and relaxation of hot tub and sauna then you can just pay on the day. Between 6pm and 10pm there will be two short ancient ceremonies which will be centred around mindfulness and chanting.

Once you register the venue details will be sent to you Friday night.

Is there a better way to start the spring season?