Q&A with Liz Smith

Name:  Liz Smith

Hometown: Cambridge

Training Background:

I have over 21 years experience in the fitness industry. I first qualified as a YMCA group exercise instructor in 1994. This led to a diploma in personal in training as well as many other group exercise and fitness qualifications. I began teaching yoga in 2001. I am a Viniyoga practitioner and therapist, a Vinyasa Krama Yoga teacher and most recently a Broga® teacher.


I’ve been involved in teacher training since 2002. As well as teaching yoga classes in Cambridge, I am a cYs Introductory Yoga Studies tutor and a YMCA Awards Diploma in Teaching Yoga tutor and assessor. I’m also a freelance internal course verifier.

What is your favourite yoga pose and why?

For the cooling and releasing effects of the posture, it has to be flank forward bend – I’d be happy to stay for a long time in this posture! To be energised and empowered, my favourite’s a handstand.

What is your least favourite yoga pose and why?

I love them all.

What is Broga®?

Broga® is designed for a male sensibility (women are ALWAYS welcome!). It's a strong, intense and physically challenging workout with accessible postures that challenge the body to increase performance and capability. 

This is not a relaxing chill out class. You will work and sweat hard as well as make significant strides in opening up traditionally tight areas such as the shoulders, chest, hamstrings and hips. It’s a seriously tough but VERY fun class that will push you to your limits.

What can someone expect from a Broga® class?

There are 6 main classes. Each class focuses on a specific body part, starting with the chest, and then working towards the back, legs, arms, shoulders and inversions. The “sizzle” workout is a full body extravaganza!

What are the benefits from attending Broga®?

It’s the perfect complement to other sport or exercise training. It increases performance and capability in sport and reduces the possibility of injury. It develops strength, power, flexibility, mobility and cardio fitness from the very first class.

Does you have to be super fit to come to Broga®?

Being an athlete is not a requirement, just the mindset to be one!

Are women welcome?

Yes! While Broga® is a yoga practice engineered for the male athlete, it's also a killer workout for women!


You can catch Liz teaching Broga®  on Tuesday evenings, 17.00 at our Cambridge Central Studio.

Check out our schedule to book.

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