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Yoga for the Whole Family!

Yoga For the Whole Family!

P1100281_2Camyoga teacher Camilla Leyland is leading a new kind of yoga class, where children, parents and grandparents practice together. Could this be a revival of the traditional Indian family?

With government statistics estimating as much as 30% of children in England as overweight or obese, a more active lifestyle is needed. This figure rises to 61.3% in adulthood: so there is a strong argument that families as a whole to be getting on their yoga mats and making this stress busting exercise a group activity. Unlike ballet or gymnastics Yoga is one of the few activities that people seem to do more of in adulthood.

Camilla, speaking about her own daughter says, “By teaching our children yoga, we are giving them a skill and a coping mechanism that they are more likely to use over their whole lifetime.”

“Parents are waking up to the fact that yoga can benefit everyone. Families who come not only get the benefits of a yoga session, but get to bond with the kids.”

When talking about her daughter she says “I was amazed at her ability just from watching me on my mat and having a go.”

Camilla’s daughter Inaya, just 5 years old, has been attending her mother’s family yoga class and has since been able to attend an adult class. “A Family Yoga class is different to kids yoga because its uses adult pose names but it’s similar in that explanations are simplified…The aim is to equip children with the necessary skills to join almost any adult class when they are ready”.

By starting them young, Camilla hopes that kids will come to accept yoga as something they can do for the rest of their lives.

The social function of a family yoga class is also important - likeminded families are able to come together to practice as a community. At Camyoga we offer a special kids menu in our cafe before and after class, and ensure that both kids and adults have their own social spaces in which to laugh, learn and play.


Family Yoga with Camilla Leyland is on the first Saturday of every month at Camyoga Central, 11.30-12.45. Suitable for all ages and abilities. Learn more

New Yoga classes at Camyoga

We are introducing two new classes to our timetable starting next week. Our first addition to our new timetable is a new and an exciting Hot Yoga style called Hot Power Yoga. This new class will be taught by Hot Power Yoga specialist Zita Chen and will be taught every Monday from 6.15-7.30pm in our Hot Studio in Central Cambridge. If you are looking for an effective way of loosing some weight then you should give a Hot Power Yoga a go. It is claimed that those who do one class of Hot Power Yoga burn around 600 calories in that one single session. In addition to that, Hot Power Yoga helps to build flexible strength and will clean your body inside out - not to mentioned that you get to warms yourself up in this cold Cambridge weather.

Hot Power Yoga

Hot Power Yoga

Mondays 6.15-7.30PM with Zita Chen Book here

Our second new class is Family Yoga which will be hold every firs Saturday of each month from 11.30am to 12.45pm. Regular prices and memberships apply to adults. Kids under age of 15 are charged £6 or £10 if there are two kids in the family.

Family Yoga

Family Yoga

First Saturday of the Month 11.30-12.45PM Book here