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Julian Huppert MP Tries Mindfulness at Camyoga!

Julian Huppert MP Gets Mindful at Camyoga

The beauty of a mindfulness practice is that it simply just works. Increasing clinical evidence for its efficacy and the wider availability of mindfulness courses (such as this one) mean that mindfulness is no longer the preserve of progressive NHS services, Google execs and those working in the wellbeing industry. If greater proof were needed that mindfulness has finally gone mainstream, then it has certainly arrived in the revelation that even our MPs are practising it , with over 50 of them signed up to sessions provided in Westminster.

With this in mind, our very own Julian Huppert MP was keen to join us at Camyoga for a session! Here's what he had to say: “It was great to have a chance to pause and focus on what’s happening now rather than all the business there normally is to deal with. I’m constantly having to look at email and Twitter so it will be good to do some mindfulness practice I do that.”

But you don't need to be involved with running the country to benefit from mindfulness practices. Click here to find out about our Mindfulness ABC course, starting on 7th February and get ready to live a more stress free life!