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Meet our new Hot Power Yoga Teacher, Carina McKeown!

Get to Know Carina McKeown, our new Hot Power Yoga Teacher

Carina Mckeown

We have a new addition to our Hot Yoga teaching crew! Carina McKeown will be covering Zita's Hot Power Yoga class tonight at 6.15pm and 8pm and hopefully we get to see more of her in the future. Carina has done her training with British Wheel of Yoga and followed with a "hands on" assisting programme with Baron Baptiste master teachers, Gregor Singleton and Claire Este-McDonald. Under the guidance of Dylan Ayloo and Craig Norris, she then qualified as a teacher at the Hot Power Yoga studio in London.

Carina sent us few words about what clients can expect from her classes: 'I describe my practice as powerful and physical, whilst being light, spiritual and fun. I love combining yogic philosophy, and positive affirmations with the intensity of the physical practice. My aim is to help students sweat off the excess weight from their bodies and their minds, as not only in the practice great for weight loss but it helps students sweat the mental weight which is what really weights them down and holds them back in life.'

Have a look on Carina's teacher's profile on our website.