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Focus On: Jivamukti

jivaJivamukti is a truly integrated practice. It combines strong, flowing sequences of postures with breathwork, meditation, chanting and philosophical teachings too. Jivamukti classes always feature powerful, enlivening soundtracks and teachers typically perform hands-on adjustments to help you to improve your alignment by felt experience.

The New York-based founders of Jivamukti are Sharon Gannon and David Life, who created the method in 1984 after making many transformative trips to India to study yoga and meditation. Sharon and David's background in New York's alternative arts scene has made Jivamukti particularly appealing to many dancers, artists and musicians, including many celebrities in the public eye.

All Jivamukti teachers' training is overseen personally by Sharon and David, and the five tenets of the method are present in every class. These tenets include non-violence (ahimsa), devotion (bhakti), meditation (dhyana), sound (nada) and the study of ancient texts (shastra). Asana sequences are ever-changing, to ensure that Jivamukti classes remain fresh and creative. There is also a strong focus on animal rights; most Jivamukti teachers are vegan and promote this harm-free way of eating and living in their classes, which contain a strong ethical element.

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