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Say yes to Bikram Yoga!

Our Hot Studio Bikram Yoga has certainly become popular in the past few years within the UK. It’s popularity can be put down to the fact that one class of 90 mins combines the benefits of an intense body detoxication, increase in vitality and the ability to reduce stress. But be prepared - you will sweat through all layers of your clothing (including your underwear), thus bringing a change of clothes with you is a must! :)

The Hot Yoga offered at our centre is, as well as Bikram Choudhury’s practice, performed in a hot room of 35-38 degrees Celsius and has exactly the same effects and benefits. Unlike Bikram’s practice, Hot Yoga is not limited to the strict style of 26 postures but can include more flowing, vinyasa based practices or integrate challenging pilates postures.

Our Hot Yoga timetable brings you all of the mentioned styles and we’re even looking into introducing more types of Hot Yoga in the future.

See you soon,

The Camyoga team