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Vegan Yogis: Leanne Jones

leanne1) How long have you been vegan and what inspired the change?

LEANNE: Just over a year and a half. I did a 21 day vegan detox designed by Sharon Gannon, just before I did the Jivamukti Teacher training and I felt amazing after (it was pretty challenging over the 21 days though). During the Jivamukti Teacher training you eat strict vegan diet and I decided to carry on from there. Ethically and morally, it didn't make sense to go back. As Jivamukti students and teachers we are very pro animal rights, and speaking up for the voiceless animals we will often talk about vegan diet in class.
2) As a yoga teacher you probably have a high energy lifestyle, do you find that your veganism supports that?
LEANNE: Yes, totally, I have more energy now than I used to when I ate meat and even dairy, to an extent (I've been veggie since 2011) and my digestion works properly now, plus I get a well balanced diet.
3) Do you ever crave meat or dairy products?
LEANNE : No I don't crave meat or dairy but I do miss Cheese, I use to eat ALOT, probably too much, cheese, whenever you go out to eat the veggie option is usually covered with cheese which is not ideal. However, I couldn't go back to eating meat or dairy and I don't feel the need too. There are really good alternatives on the market, if you look for them. I know some people say "why would you eat something that looks like meat but isn't meat" and I think if it supports you in your way of life then why not? I often have Linda McCartney vegan sausages with mash and veg, when I feel the need for something hearty.
4) How do your friends and family react to your veganism?
LEANNE: Hmmm tricky one..!! I think people struggle with change sometimes, to start with it was quite tough..but 2 Christmas's on as a vegan my friends and family are beginning to understand it a bit more. I think the not understanding is more of a challenge than anything, veganism isn't widely promoted therefore people don't really know what it is. I'm often asked what I can/cant eat as standard response is Vegan's eat vegetables! I think it has been harder for them to adjust than me but that's because they dont have the same yogic belief system as me (not that you have to be yogi to be vegan) but now they know what I can/cant eat and how to modify dinner for me they are cool, if all else fails I provide my own vegan goods when I visit. On the other hand, some of my friends like to see it as a challenge and enjoy cooking a vegan meal.
5) What is your favourite vegan treat?
LEANNE - I have two - dark chocolate, ive always got a bar in the fridge and Swedish Glace Ice cream, its soooo good you cant tell its soya and you can get it in most supermarkets now.
Leanne Jones teaches Jivamukti at Camyoga. Click here to view her classes.
Vegan Kitchadee Recipe

Vegan Kitchari Recipe

kichadiKitchari (also known as Kitchadee, it's the inspiration for the English dish Kedgeree) is used in Ayurveda as a nourishing and detoxifying food which is suitable for all bodies. It's wholesome, filling and easy to digest, combining protein, carbohydrates, plus essential vitamins, minerals and fats. It's the perfect holistic dinner and is Rachael's go-to supper dish! This recipe serves 3-4, and is both gluten free and free from onion and garlic.

1 cup dried mung dahl (the yellow ones) | 1 cup basmati rice | 2 tbsp coconut oil | 2 carrots, cubed | 1/2 cup dessicated coconut | bundle of spinach leaves, washed & shredded | 2" fresh ginger, grated | 1/2tsp each of: cumin seeds, ground cumin, ground coriander, turmeric, black mustard seeds, garam masala | pinch of asafoetida | bunch fresh coriander, shredded.

1) Thoroughly rinse the mung dahl and rice until the water runs clear. In a small dish, mix the dessicated coconut with a few tablespoons of hot water, half of the coriander and ginger.

2) Heat the coconut oil in a heavy bottomed pan and add the spices. Stir for a minute or so, being careful not to burn them. Add the lentils and rice to the pan with the carrots. Stir well for a few minutes then add the coconut blend and 6 cups of hot water. Bring to the boil, then reduce heat, cover and simmer for 20-30 minutes until lentils and rice are soft with just a tiny hint of bite.

3) Stir in the spinach leaves, until wilted. Divide between bowls and serve sprinkled liberally with coriander.