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Middle Eastern Couscous Salad

This is the perfect accompaniment to a creamy curry or tagine, or as a barbecue side salad. Packed with dried fruit, toasted nuts, green herbs, citrus and pomegranate seeds, this has all of the flavours of Western Asia and the beautiful colours make an elegant and stunning dish on the table. Although quite a hefty list of ingredients, there aren't many steps as it is pretty much just a case of combining everything together.


250g couscous
1 red onion (100g), thinly sliced
2 large garlic cloves (12g), crushed
1.5 tsp citrus zest (lemon or lime or a combination of both)
1 tbsp lemon juice
2.5 tbsp orange juice
1.25 tsp toasted cumin seeds
½ tsp salt
¼ tsp ground black pepper
¼ tsp cinnamon
100g dried fruit (raisins, chopped apricots, chopped figs or a mix of 3)
30g roughly chopped fresh herbs (coriander, parsley, mint or a mix of 3)
80g pomegranate seeds
150g toasted nuts (flaked almonds and pistachios or a mix of both)


Mix all of the ingredients from the red onion through to the pomegranate seeds together and let sit in a bowl for as long as possible, preferably overnight. This will allow the red onion to soften and the dried fruit to plump up in the citrus juices.
Cook the couscous according to packet instructions, usually by soaking in hot water for about 10 minutes, until all the water has been absorbed.
Mix the couscous and the nuts into the rest of the ingredients. I find that mixing by hand is easiest. Serve at room temperature.

Recipe by CAMYOGA Chef Alice Kabala

What is your Dosha? What does it mean for my Yoga?

Finding Your DoshaIt is all about balance

Ever wondered why you are attracted to a style of Yoga? It might be your dosha! What is a dosha?

Yoga is key for our mind, body, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.  Ayurvedic medicine is  sister to Yoga and from the five elements three dosha's are formed.  They are Vata (air), Pitta (fire) and Kapha (earth and water). They form physical, mental  and emotional characteristics. You are born with a dosha for your mind and for your body.

Your temperment is a good indicator to your dosha, for example if you are lively and enthusiastic by nature and like to change you may be Vata, if you are purposeful and intense and like to convince you may be Pitta and if you are easy going and like to support you may be Kapha. You may be a combination of the dosha's.  If you want to find out more click through this link for the Deepak Chopra Quiz.

Like any super power they are best used for good and not evil! If they become out of balance we can head towards the more negative aspects. To keep them in balance is not always instinctive as we tend towards what can make us more. For example you might be very attracted to dynamic Yoga, perfect.  The watch out is if you find yourself going from dynamic, enthusiastic and kind into aggressive, elbowing your way into class, sighing heavily and snarling at the person who took 'your spot'! time in a restorative class or a more meditative class would help to restore lovely you. If you are cerebral by nature and more sedentary then try Ashtanga and Flow, the dynamic classes will help to energise you. So when you next book into your weekly classes, book into what you love and need!

Meet Camyoga Student Paula Williams

 Get to Know Camyogi: Paula Williams

Paula Williams

 Name: Paula Williams

Age:     59 Occupation:    Retired

What brought you to yoga? 

Ever since I was a kid I was heavily into sports.  When I left school I joined a gym and became a regular gym bunny.  I worked out twice a week with a personal trainer, went running 5 miles a day and was at the gym very day.  All this and I was putting on weight not losing it.  I needed to get a life, I think, although I have to say I absolutely loved every minute of it except the weight gain.  I couldn’t understand why I had a weight problem with all this exercise.  I carried on like this for years and had people who didn’t know me, telling me to lose weight I needed to get to the gym, and people who knew me telling me the gym obviously wasn’t working.  I still carried on because it was such a huge part of my life and I thought I couldn’t do without it.

For years I put up with friends watching my weight for me and eventually I stopped seeing these friends as I realised they were making me even more unhappy about my weight.  I could do that for myself without their help.  I went to see a few nutritionists who didn’t seem to be a lot of good either.  After a great deal of surfing the internet I found a nutritionist in Harley Street who I really felt could help me so I arranged to see her.  She took some samples from me which was sent off to a lab but she said she knew what the problem would turn out to be.  She said with all the exercise I was permanently stressing my body so it was in a constant state of fight or flight.  This meant everything I ate was being stored as fat (even salad).  My immune system couldn’t handle the stress either so I was constantly getting colds etc.  When the results came back the outcome was that I had drained my adrenals and this in turn had had an effect on my thyroid (my thyroid was functioning but the T4 process wasn’t).    She told me the heavy training and running had to go.  She told me to take up yoga instead as she felt I could do this every day without hurting myself.  It would be quite a while to get my adrenals back up to speed and I needed to eliminate the stress from my life.  Easier said than done but at least I can feel in my body when I am getting stressed now so I throttle back.

I started yoga 3-4 years ago and during this time have lost 4 stones in weight.  I still have some to lose but at least I feel like I am getting there.  When I first started yoga I really struggled and some of the poses actually made me cry because my body was hurting.  This was because my body was so tight from the stress.  I feel like a different person now.  I only wish I had discovered the nutritionist and the yoga earlier.  Still it’s never too late!!!  I now do yoga every day – if I cannot get to a class then I do it at home.

What do you do when you are not doing yoga?    

I love music, films, travel and being outside.  We moved to Cambridge from London at the end of October 2012.  I feel really privileged to live here.  It feels like a really special place.  Cambridge has so much to offer with City living but also so much countryside on the doorstep.  I also love going out to eat now (particularly as there are so many lovely foodie spots here) and I can eat without feeling guilty.

What is your favourite yoga pose and why?      

One of my favourite poses is child.  I think the reason for this is because with all the heavy training I never felt in control of my body.  My body just hurt.  In child I feel like everything has been let go of and it brings a total sense of freedom and lightness.  I also like tree for the same reason as long as I can keep my balance.  If I want a strong pose then I really like warrior.

What is your least favourite yoga pose and why?  My least favourite pose would have to be eagle.  There are also a couple of others I am not fond of (forward bending and shoulder stand).  The reason for this is because my body still needs work to free it and I really struggle in these positions.  I know the longer I do yoga the better I will become at these poses and then I will grow to like them.

What is one quality you have taken off the mat and incorporated into your daily life?

To try and stay calm.  I never knew what this feeling of calm was until I started yoga.  I listen to my body now and if I am tired I just say no.  This is something I would never have done before I started yoga.  I was an all or nothing person.

An interesting fact about Paula that you may not know is… 

Can’t think of one. (I beg to differ, see above story! Anna)

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Looking to be inspired

Monday mornings feel inspirational only to a few exceptionally lucky people. I do not know many of them, and I certainly do not belong to this elite group. On my quest for inspiration, I remembered that this is the week that Claire Missingham is in town. Her workshops on The Art of Vinyasa promises no less than inspirations and miracles, which in itself sounds, well,  promising: it  may be one of those events that will help us prevent sinking into a 'yoga rut' by elevating our practice. A key element of her workshop is hands-on practical advice, which yogis then can  incorporate in their everyday practice. For more info check out the workshop details.

Winners and free Jivamukti class

Remember the competition we had a couple of days ago? Our Inbox was practically swamped with emails. Due to the high number of entries, we gave away not two but four unlimited 30 days passes. The winners of our competition are: Jenny Forbes Felicity Norman Sri Vishnu Vardhan Deevi Charlotte Grant

Congratulations !

Also, do not forget the Great Shelford studio will be open on Friday 19th October with a free Jivamukti class. What a brilliant start for a new studio I say ! Come, join us all !