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Chanting - The Sound of Yoga

Contrary to belief, Yoga is not just about flexibility and postures. Chanting and mantra recitation have accompanied yoga practices for thousands of years. So, what benefits can chanting bring? silent om chanting

  • Your energy increases and your mind becomes sharper
  • A study by Dr Alan Watkins [senior lecturer in neuroscience at Imperial College London] showed that while chanting, our blood pressure and heart rate drop to its lowest in the day. Doctors say that even listening to chants normalises brain wave patterns, adrenalin levels and lowers cholesterol levels.
  • You feel vibrant and flowing with creative ideas
  • You gradually become more in tune with every thing in life
  • Neuro-scientist Marian Diamond from the University of California found that chanting helps block the release of stress hormones and increases immune function. It also keeps our muscles and joints flexible for a long time
  • Chanting can build your confidence and releases your inhibitions
  • Chanting is fun, easy and always available to you (and hey, it’s free!)
  • Using chants as part of our exercise regimen, helps facilitate movement and flow of the body during exercise
  • Chanting removes blocks and connects us directly to the heart, leading us to experience a natural harmony with the world around us

The overall experience is like a meditation with voice. You will leave feeling free, energized, uplifted and joyful for the day, week or weekend ahead.

If you're keen to give it a go, why not try one of our chanting workshops this June, there are three to choose from. Maybe you'll even become addicted and want to take them all :-)

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