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Winners and free Jivamukti class

Remember the competition we had a couple of days ago? Our Inbox was practically swamped with emails. Due to the high number of entries, we gave away not two but four unlimited 30 days passes. The winners of our competition are: Jenny Forbes Felicity Norman Sri Vishnu Vardhan Deevi Charlotte Grant

Congratulations !

Also, do not forget the Great Shelford studio will be open on Friday 19th October with a free Jivamukti class. What a brilliant start for a new studio I say ! Come, join us all !

Win a 30 Day Unlimited Pass for Our New Shelford Studio!

Hot news, our Great Shelford studio will open on Friday 19th October! In celebration of the new opening, we are giving away three 30 day unlimited passes for the Shelford studio. There are 16 classes a week to choose from, in every style from beginners to Jivamukti.

This competition was also featured on Star radio today. Competition closes on Sun 9th Oct at midnight.

All you need to do is answer this very simple question: Where does yoga originate from? Is it: a. Africa b. India c. Russia

Please email your answer along with your name and phone number to: And you could win 30 days of free yoga!