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How is yoga good for you? Let me count the ways #2

Regular Yoga Practice – Mindful Eating Believe it or not, one of the most frequent questions we get in the studio is :

Yes, yes yoga is great, but will it help me lose weight?

One way to approach this question is to explore how yogis eating habits change when they start practising.  A large part of yoga is about being mindful in our practice and in our life. When we are observing how our body reacts and how our mind wonders in a non-judgmental way, we are being mindful.

Research shows that this mindfulness often affects our eating habits. More specifically, Framson (2009) found that those who eat mindfully have lower a BMI.

What does eating mindfully mean? Avoiding wolfing down one’s food, closing out distractions (ehemm... like television or work), and saying no to comfort eating. So as my grandma used to say: make every meal an occasion!