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Meet our chef - Sam.

We have a new addition to our Camyoga team! Sam is our new chef who is now taking care of Dandelion cafe by making sure we always have something tasty, healthy and freshly made in our kitchen. I sat down with her for a quick interview to give you a brief introduction to our fantastic new chef :).

Welcome to the Camyoga team Sam! We are all very excited about you joining us! Can you tell us few things about yourself? Hi, I’ve lived and worked in Cambridge for the past 25 years. My working life started out very differently to being a vegetarian/ vegan chef. In previous incarnations I have worked for the City Council as their Environment officer and as a Cooperative development officer helping to set up Cooperarive businesses in and around Cambridge. When I am not being a busy mum of an active 11 year old and cooking, I am involved in volunteer food projects such as migrant support and sit on the National board for Housing Cooperatives. And for fun? swimming, dancing, cooking and the odd game of pool!!

When did you decide to start working as a chef? I decided that I would follow my dream of cooking after a particularly grueling programming lecture while at ARU doing a Masters in Computer science. Twelve years ago I started my own business Mouth Music, a veggie / vegan catering business operating out of Arjuna Wholefoods. While there we catered a wide range of fun events from festivals to weddings, business lunches and provided Arjuna with their takeaway menu.

What is your favorite recipe? That’s so difficult. It changes with the seasons and the years. Some of my customers’ favorites over the years have been the Chestnut mushroom and almond wellington and the chocolate expresso cheesecake, both vegan and both delicious.

How did you find your way to Camyoga? I closed my business Mouth Music last year and have since been focussing on private orders while looking for the next challenge. I have, for a while, been cooking soups for Camyoga, so was in the right place at the right time when the position of Cafe Coordinator became vacant.

What is your vision for Dandelion Cafe? Are you planning to introduce new meals or promotions? This is my first week, so I’m spending my time observing how things work at the moment, but my head is already full of possibilities for Camyoga in Cambridge as well as for the new site in Shelford. I’d like to introduce more raw food to the menu, such as avocado and cocoa mousse. Other ideas include a delivery service where customers will be able to phone before 10 am and have delicious and healthy salads, juices and lunches delivered. Also, a once a month supper club with a film or talk would be fun.

This all sounds very exciting Sam, thank you for taking your time to answer the questions! We are looking forward to tasting all of your new recipes.