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Handy Handstand Wall Tricks

Adho Mukha Vrksasana (downward facing tree) is most often known to us as handstand. There are some clues for us in this image of the tree to bring us into handstand. Imagine growing strong roots down into the ground and lengthening up through the body with a strong core. Handstand in the middle of a room can be a bit daunting.  Find your footing first at the wall. Going upside down can be an empowering experience as you build strength and confidence.  In order to move your Handstand away from the wall, practice engaging the core and taking the sway out of the low back.  With all things yoga...practice, practice, practice.

Take a look at the video below for some tips on kicking to the wall and then building strength once you are there.  Enjoy and have fun!!

Get more out of practice with a uStrap

Yogitoes has designed a strap that offers some stretch and an adjustable band.  It is slightly wider than the classic yoga belt and no longer has the fiddly buckle.

It has loads of different uses as it offers gentle support with its giving nature.  In bridge and wheel it keeps the legs from splaying out.

Try it around the arms for support in forearm balance or handstand.  I used it to learn the transition bakasana (crow) to handstand.  It encourages proper alignment to support the shoulder girdle, making more challenging postures possible.

It even comes in handy for restorative poses, such as supta baddha konasana.  No need to think of props as training wheels, they are useful tools that can really aid a yoga practice. Check the uStrap out in the cafe. Or feel free to try mine.