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Headstand on the beach Every so often teachers like to challenge us by letting us try more advance posses at the end of the classes. When this happens I start to sweat only from the thought of it and start to count the time till the class ends. Headstands or crow poses are definitely out of my comfort zone when it comes to yoga. Last week I had a chance to try Anna’s class in our Shelford studio and Anna decided that we should try out ournew Yoga toy called ‘Feet Up’ which allows you to get in headstand easily and in the proper alignment. I was thrilled when I managed to get into the headstand on my own (and even last there for a little while) and at that point I changed my mind about headstands - it felt amazing!

I decided that I’d like to find out why exactly headstands are so great for us and here is what I found:

Firstly, those who do headstand will find out that their upper body is getting noticeable toned (you definitely use some muscles to get up there). Secondly, it improves digestion and stimulates brain function - this is due to the fact that when your body is upside down the pituitary gland get stimulated (healthy digestion) and more blood flows to the head (calm brain). Ladies will be pleased to find out that being in the headstand also nourishes the face.This works on the same basis as the brain stimulation - increased blood flow to the face ‘means oxygenation and sustained youth of the facial cells’ - Leigh Butler for

Me and Anna created little video showing the miraculous ‘feet up’ equipment at work. Miraculous simply because it is still impossible for me to get into headstand without it (to my disappointment). Thank you Sarah for being of assistance and for agreeing to do the demonstration for us :).

Come to our Shelford studio and find out the effect of using the ‘feet up’ for yourself :).