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Where it all comes together: the Yoga show

Camyoga will participate in this years’ yoga extravaganza, the annual OM Yoga Show. The event will take place in London, October 26, 27, 28 and will be full of  hundreds of workshops and classes, including Camyoga teacher Andrea Kwiatkowski.

While a what’s on section fills a book, which you can have a look at the studio,  the yogashow is there to expand your practice. You can take a class on killer arm balances, hot power yoga or deepen your understanding of both postures and spirituality.

Of course, if you feel overwhelmed by all that’s new or want to share your latest yoga adventures with some familiar faces, you can find the Camyoga stand behind the Juice Bar.

Prices start at £8 if you buy online (www., but you can purchase tickets at the door as well

See you there !


Pilates Bootcamp

Are you ready to kick start a real body transformation? Are you looking for some extra core power in your yoga practice?

Pilates Bootcamp aims to increase strength and endurance and total body conditioning. The exercises focus on core training, body alignment and balance, using your own body weight and Pilates small equipment.

The class also includes a series of deep stretches and yoga asanas to improve posture, increase flexibilty and to aid relaxation at the end of the class.

Pilates Bootcamp with Lucy starts Wednesdays at 10:00 and Thursdays with Howard at 1:00.