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Three Questions: Paul Fox

Three Questions: Paul Fox


What is your favourite time of day to practice yoga and why?

PAUL: It should be sunrise or 6am, but I actually prefer late morning before lunch or late afternoon. Or if the sun is shining, any time of day out on the grass is a treat.What is the best amount of time to spend in a restorative posture?

When did you realise you wanted to teach yoga?

PAUL: I realised I wanted to practice yoga in 1995 when I watch my first teacher, Yogi Hari, give an asana demonstration that just blew me away. I fell into teaching by accident. I wanted to find out more about yoga and thought I’d do that by training to be a British Wheel of Yoga teacher. One thing led to another and now I have three yoga teaching qualifications, a PGCE and train people to be yoga teachers!

What would you recommend for a quick 15 minute practice?

PAUL: Sit cross-legged and centre yourself – 2 mins

General mobilisation – cat and lying twist for the spine, side stretches from extended child’s pose, downward dog for the hamstrings and to awaken bandha (core), low back-bend lifting away from the floor from lying on front to strengthen the back and open the front of the body – 5 mins

Sun salutations or earth salutations (sun salutations from kneeling) for dynamic breath and movement that will raise heart rate and blood flow – 5 mins

Sit cross-legged and do alternate nostril breathing (morning practice) or Savasana (evening practice) – 3 mins.

Thanks Paul!