Why Yoga Can Be Beneficial for Teenagers

Here at Camyoga, we welcome anyone and everyone (unless you’re a dinosaur… that’d be a bit awkward to fit you in). This includes teenagers, like myself, however angst-y we may be.  

I, as a 16 year old girl, can tell you how much yoga has helped. When I’m about to screech, “You’re ruining my life!” at my family, I take a nice long round of Ujayi breaths and re-connect to the universe, and everything seems fine and dandy again! I’m not telling you that yoga will be your answer to all teenage related issues, but it’s a good start to getting rid of that frustration. Let’s get started!

As we go through puberty, bodies tend to often feel a little imbalanced. Imbalanced bodies, meet your best dream – YOGA! Yoga helps to strengthen and lengthen your muscles, meaning you’ll not only feel more confident but also feel a heck lot healthier and stronger.

Raise your mudra if you have lost some of that childlike flexibility! I know, I know, it sucks – one minute you’re doing the splits and cartwheeling around and the next it feels like you’re a plank of wood. Now obviously these are just the physical benefits for teenagers, but there are a lot of underlying psychological benefits. Yoga also helps you get that perfect posture your grandparents are always nagging you about.

Not all yogis are into the spiritual side, but honestly if you open up to it I think it is so beneficial. You can feel more present, more grounded, more intuitive and more compassionate. It’s like opening up a box of awesome-ness that’s inside of you that has been locked by every negative moment in your life. Open up that box everyone, and find your happiness.

In yoga, we practice gratitude a lot. Feeling gratitude is hands down the one feeling that has helped me start to get over my silly first world problems. Everyday wake up with a grateful heart, and watch your woes go by.

If you’re treating your body with love and care, making it fit, healthy, bendy and happy, it’s so much easier to walk into a room and feel confident about yourself. That’s another perk of being a teen (sense the sarcasm), it can be easy to lose your self esteem. With the media pushed in everybody’s faces, teenagers especially can create a warped vision of what is ‘good’, or what they ‘should’ look like. You’re not a biscuit cutter, so be proud and be happy that you’re you.