SUPERFOODS: What's the Hype About Them?

Maca, spirulina, cacao, Lucama – someone should really invent a “how many superfoods can you name?” game. With all these different coloured powders popping up in health food stores, supermarkets and recipes online, it’s safe to say your curiosity is totally normal. Superfoods can sometimes be rather controversial; some say go for it, whack in all the superfoods for a nutritious kick and some say just go for the wholefoods to get your vits ‘n’ mins in, so let’s discuss this matter – what’s the hype on superfoods?

Superfoods, in my opinion, can be a great way sneak in extra nutrients without noticing, and sometimes they taste pretty amazing too. Take maca, for example, it is a root from the radish family (doesn’t sound too appetizing yet, does it?). It’s rich in vitamins B, C and E and contains zinc, amino acids, magnesium and, one for the vegans, iron and calcium. Accompanied by a slightly malty burnt caramel flavor, maca is my favourite thing to add into a smoothie for just a little bit more of a nutrient dense drink. And spirulina, oh spirulina! Spirulina is literally packed full of goodies and choc-a-pock full of vitamin B12, and essential vitamin that’s tricky to find. Despite the off-putting colour, flavor, and price tag it’s a fab little powder (1/4-1/2 a teaspoon will do the trick if you’re not used to it).

The only thing is, I try not to use these powders to supplement fresh fruit and veg. Yes, acai powder is an incredible antioxidant packed ingredient, but why not combine that with some fresh berries, a banana and a handful (or two) of fresh, organic greens for a healthy and delicious smoothie? Although mixed greens powders are amazing for adding sneaky nutrients you wouldn’t find elsewhere, also try to include the real, whole, deal.

Both CAMYOGA studios offer fresh, homemade smoothies full of healthy fruits, vegetables and superfoods so why not grab one after a class? Or get inventive at home with some devilishly green spirulina protein balls? Try them out and have fun.