Gain control of your live now! Day retreat with Louise Lloyd

Change your life day retreat

Change Your Life Day Retreat with Louise Lloyd Saturday 2nd Mar 2013 10:00 to 16:30 £75/£65 concs./Gold and Silver members (Includes all refreshments)

Treat yourself to a day full of yoga, meditation, breath work and delicious food. Come along to learn how to boost your confidence, change old habits and gain control of your life and get ready to be inspired as well as recharged.

Few words from Louise Lloyd:

"Our outer reality is often a reflection of our inner world. Our thoughts, habits, and actions are creating the world we live in and will present to us that which we ourselves are creating. This is great when we are creating what is in keeping with our true self's authenticity but what if our own negative patterns keep bringing us the same cycle of events time after time? This workshop will help to recognise any such patterns and empower you to start making the choices you want to. The real question of course is do you really want to be empowered?!"

A book I also really resonate with along these lines is Max Strom's 'A life worth breathing' - things that inspire us to step into our own power and lead us to our true selves is a win win situation, for us personally and for the world at large.

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