Only 'breath away from a moment of peace' - Transformation Breathing Workshop

Alan Dolan

Saturday 02/03/2013, 2-5pm, £42.50/£32.50 concs.

We are holding another of Alan Dolan's sold out workshops the first Saturday of the March. In this 3 hour workshop you will learn to:

" Be the healthiest you've ever been" " Feel completely energized" " Experience deeply nourishing peace and relaxation" " Move beyond whatever is standing between you and your happiness" " Become aware of emotions halting your personal growth" " Let go of emotional baggage permanently and easily" " Release anxiety and alleviate depression" " Develop a new dimension to your yoga and/or spiritual practice" " Understand the nature of spirit" " Open your breath and expand your life"

Book the workshop now to positively change your life via simple breathing techniques.

What people say about transformational breathing:

‘Twenty minutes a day of deep breathing is the single most important factor in the effectiveness of all exercise' - US Olympic Training Committee

‘I’m still feeling the benefits. Now I know I’m just a proper in-and-out breath away from a moment of peace.’ - Ann-Louise Holland an attendee of Alan Dolan’s workshop for Top Santé

'Chronic oxygen deficiency in tissues is connected with coronary disease and heart attacks.' - Dr. Paavo Airola

Find out more on transformation breathing in Alan's  video.