Chaturanga, Updog, Downdog

In previous posts and videos, Louise Lloyd has shown us some modifications to safely transition through parts of the sun salutation.  You were warned about the dreaded cobra dog and how it is to be avoided.  You were shown exercises to condition and strengthen the body by lowering slowly to floor. Now, as you can tell from the title of this post, we go the distance.

In part of 4 of Louise's Sun Salutation video series we take a closer look at lowering into chaturanga, inhaling into upward facing dog, and exhaling into downward facing dog.  Since we haven't covered jumping back, the video starts by lowering from a plank position.  When jumping back, it is advisable to land in chaturanga (rather than plank) to keep your shoulders safe and injury free.

The strength required to safely transition through your sun salutation requires regular yoga practice.  Be sure to look back at the previous videos in this series for tips on modifying and building strength.

Happy practicing!