Umami Muffin: Things that make you go "mmmmm"

For years we humans were known to have four basic tastes: sweet, salty, sour, and bitter.  Our fifth basic taste which was made official in the 1980's, after being discovered in Japan, is 'umami'.  This flavor is the savouriness that makes things delicious.  Umami is found prevalent in glutamate-rich foods such as: seaweed, marmite, parmesan cheese, soy sauce, meat, anchovies, truffles and sweet potatoes. When you find something tasty and you want to eat more thank (or blame) umami. Rachael whipped up her own umami madness in our Dandelion Cafe kitchen....the umami muffin filled with carrots, spinach, savoury seeds, and paremesan cheese.


Eating umami could have some health benefits.  You may naturally cut down your salt intake when you up your umami fix.  Extra sodium in your diet can be linked to hypertension. Of course our umami muffin is not only made with love but gluten free as well.

Eat more delicious food.  Eat umami muffins.